North East Africa encompasses Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. It’s a challenging region in so many ways. Over the next 12 days we are praying for our partner project that is reaching out to refugees affected by the rapidly escalating armed conflict in Ethiopia.

TUESDAY 1st December  

In recent weeks, intensive fighting has started which threatens to have devastating consequences for the entire region of North East Africa. In the wake of this fighting, all the regional internet and mobile phone networks have been shut down. Please pray for lasting peace in this troubled area and a restoration of all the infrastructure so our partners can share the good news of Jesus using all channels.

WEDNESDAY 2nd December

A key producer arrived in the capital just two days before the conflict started. His wife and children are now trapped in the area where the fighting is taking place. He's very concerned for their ongoing safety, and their communication is being hampered by the phone network being down.

Please do join us online this evening at 7pm to pray with our partner ministering in Yemen and across the Arabian Peninsula - for more details please click here.

THURSDAY 3rd December  

Owing to the escalating unrest in the region, the producer of this project is having to stay in the capital for the foreseeable future, though he can’t back to his home and his family, he is continuing to produce important messages to be broadcast on radio and via social media. Please pray for help in finding the resources and a good place for him to continue his work, especially as the conflict shows little sign of ending soon.

FRIDAY 4th December 

There are around 350,000 refugees from the country where Feba's partners are focusing their broadcasts. 50,000 are in refugee camps and the other 300,000 are scattered all over the country. The current conflict is going to have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of these people. Please pray that God will protect them from any harm that can come to them from the forces and authorities in either country caught up in this conflict.

SATURDAY 5th December

Our partner is using Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Imo to send audio and text messages to people in their main target audience. Recently their social media ministries became more widely known and now many others are using the content on different media. Praise God for all these new doors that are opening to share the gospel. Please also pray that the messages that are being broadcast on different media will bear lasting fruit in the lives of many listeners.

SUNDAY 6th December  

The government in this country is still persecuting churches, torturing believers and enlisting young people into the army. These problems are forcing thousands of young people to flee the country to escape harassment and intimidation. Please pray for a mighty move of God in this nation to bring justice, peace and security for all.

MONDAY 7th December 

Following the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country, many refugees have faced even greater hunger and poverty. Feba's partner organisation recently launched an urgent fundraising appeal and since then they have been working with local churches to provide three meals a day to many thousands of displaced people. Praise God for the wonderful ways he has provided for their financial needs. Please pray for opportunities to introduce people to Jesus so the team can meet their spiritual as well as their physical needs.

TUESDAY 8th December  

The producer who is currently in the capital has identified three languages that he wants to broadcast his audio messages in. The majority of the people in these language groups are nomadic and illiterate. Please pray that the producer can overcome these challenges and bring the gospel to people in their heart language for the very first time.

WEDNESDAY 9th December

The producer is also working towards translating the New Testament in these three languages in the next two years. Pray that God will help him and his team to finish the work of translation, printing and distribution.

THURSDAY 10th December

Please pray for Feba's regional coordinator, *Dawit, and his family in North-East Africa. Dawit's daughter was due to restart her university course recently. After she purchased her bus ticket, her travel plans had to be cancelled because of the current conflict. Please pray that God will find a way to bring peace and stability to this entire region.

FRIDAY 11th December 

We remember today all those listeners in North East Africa who often have to listen to Feba's radio programmes in secret. One listener called recently and said, “I found your station while I was searching for another programme. God has a way of meeting every person individually. Hearing the message in my own language touched my heart. The programme introduced me to Jesus as my personal Saviour.” Please pray for this listener to become a loving, Christ-like witness in his community.

SATURDAY 12th December

Please pray for all the unreached people in North East Africa that Feba is reaching through radio, internet and micro SD cards which store downloads of music and radio programmes. Pray that many will come to know of God’s love and put their trust in Him alone through the witness of Dawit and his faithful and resourceful team.

*For the sake of security, some of the real names and the names of the radio stations have been changed.