North East Africa (NEA) is a challenging region in so many ways. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, all borders are closed and there is increasing fear the healthcare facilities will not cope with a sudden increase in cases. In the midst of this crisis, our partners are working from home and sharing the gospel online and through messaging apps with even greater urgency.

FRIDAY 1st May 

Praise God for the huge opportunities at this time to share the life giving message of Jesus with millions of people in NEA. Pray that the hearts and minds of these people will be open to receive God’s word shared in our partners’ daily broadcasts, and that they will experience the saving power of Jesus.


Please pray for many millions of people in NEA who have no food and basic essentials. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation far worse as many have suddenly lost their daily work. Many listeners are desperately poor and depend on their minimal, daily income for survival. Pray that God will intervene today with His provision and protection.

SUNDAY 3rd May

We remember our partner’s team in NEA and ask God to grant them wisdom and understanding as they prepare and deliver the gospel message today. Please pray their programmes will be relevant and speak into the hearts of listeners. Also, pray for their protection from Covid-19 as some members of the team have to make essential journeys on public transport.

MONDAY 4th May

Pray for the team working on the Friend in A Wilderness ministry that is broadcasting twice a week on shortwave radio and via social media. Pray that God will bring His words of comfort to listeners who are facing severe persecution at this time. Many of these listeners are either in prison or struggling to survive in refugee camps.


Praise God for the Sparrow Project and the successful training day that took place recently with 76 men and 24 women attending. These people received training in promoting their ministry, distributing God’s word on SD cards, and how to encourage and share the gospel with their Muslim friends.


The team working on the Sparrow Project has produced 109 programmes relating to cultural, health and social content and 144 gospel messages which are then shared on radio and distributed on SD cards. Thank God for these resources and pray they will be used wisely to share the gospel with over one million people who are not Christians.


Praise God for the people who are engaging with the Sparrow Project and responding to the gospel. In the last six months, 473 individuals came to the office and met with the producers to talk about the gospel. Please pray for them and the 8,688 people who called the team and asked searching questions.

FRIDAY 8th May 

Please pray for Feba’s partner, *Dawit and his family in these extraordinarily challenging and uncertain times. With all the universities and schools closed, his children are at home and have no access to any education. Ask for God’s safety, blessing and protection over him, his family and all the team.


*Dawit is producing short daily messages in the national language and posting them on social media. He currently has 1200 followers with more joining each day. He’s also heard that other channels are taking his gospel messages and posting them on their social media. Praise God for these fresh opportunities to bring God’s message of hope to counter fear in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.