Gaweylon Radio, Feba UK’s partner broadcasting throughout Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan, reaching Tibetan speaking people through short-wave broadcasts. Their radio programmes, CDs and literature help listeners consider social and spiritual change, as well as offering practical advice and teaching about the Christian faith. 

SUNDAY 17th April

Happy Easter!

The team have prepared a special programme for listeners that will be broadcast today, on Easter Sunday and we pray will be heard by many in this hard-to-reach region. Ask that God will bless their plans to share the life and death of Jesus Christ, His ministry here on earth and the power of His death and resurrection on this special day. Please pray as the team broadcast the gospel message, and ask that God will bless those listening, opening their ears that they may hear the good news and begin a new life in Christ.

MONDAY 18th April

As those listening to yesterday’s message consider what it might mean for them personally, pray that God will speak deeply into their hearts and that they will turn to Him. For those who have heard but are still wrestling with how the truth of Christ and what His promises might mean for them, please pray that God will minister through the team and others around them, guiding and leading them to His will and call on their lives. 

TUESDAY 19th April

The follow-up team have been posting resources to listeners, responding to their questions and finding ways to support them as they want to learn more. Please pray that those listening will safely receive the parcels sent, and that they will be a blessing to them as they explore the content shared inside. Pray too for protection over them as they explore and grow in their faith, and for the safety of the team as they visit communities of Tibetans living outside of Tibet, distributing resources and meeting people. 

WEDNESDAY 20th April

Please pray that God will continue to bless the different media and channels that the team uses to reach people. These include radio broadcasts, You Tube programmes, printed literature, CDs and USB drives, all filled with resources for those growing in their faith, as well as support around health and well-being. Ask that God will open more doors through these opportunities and provide ways for the team to reach an even greater number of people with their message of hope and faith in God. 

THURSDAY 21st April

The team at Gaweylon is made up of seven staff members and three trainees. Lift all ten of them up today in prayer, along with their families, as they develop in their roles and work together to build the resources and ministry they so faithfully serve. The team have shared that they have been going through a particularly difficult time, with various situation making things challenging and exhausting. Please pray that God will give them wisdom and strength to deal with each situation, one at a time.

FRIDAY 22nd April

Following damage to their equipment caused by the weather, the team continue to carry out repairs and ensure that the various technical elements are restored and in working order. Please pray that God will provide wisdom and clarity to enable them to get the equipment back to its full functionality and ensure that they are able to continue broadcasting a capacity to those who need to hear the gospel message right now. Ask that God will be gracious with them and each other in this process, and that they are able to continue serving and ministering without too much interference or delay.

SATURDAY 23rd April

As the year is well underway, and preparations following Easter begin, the Gaweylon team have been recording, planning and broadcasting regular radio programmes to engage and reach new audiences across the region. Please pray for the programming team that they may be inspired in their decision-making, seeking fresh ways to share the gospel and encouraged to continue in this powerful ministry. Pray too for the logistics, details and technical elements, to ensure clear reception for those listening and growing through their radio broadcasts.