Northeast Africa (NEA) is a challenging region in so many ways. Following increasing levels of insecurity and violence in one country in particular, our partners in the Friend in The Wilderness are bringing a message of hope and praying for peace and reconciliation across the nation. Through the programmes they are seeking to build relationship with their listeners, by addressing subjects and issues that are interesting and helpful to them and creating broadcasts that will support Christians and the church facing pressure.

SUNDAY 23rd January

We praise God that the team in Northeast Africa are able to bring a message of hope and unity through their broadcasts. Please pray for the many listeners who report experiencing difficult and painful situations right now, that the broadcasts will bring comfort and reassurance. The team explained that people call and share that their hopes were renewed because of the gospel message they heard on radio, and social media.

MONDAY 24th January

Pray for a member of the team, Tes* and his family, that God will protect them and help them to continue in the ministry. His children, all under the age of 15, are in a new school after a recent move. Ask God that they might settle quickly as they discover their new home and find new friends in this unfamiliar place. Please pray too for the health and wellbeing of his wife as they get used to new routines and experiences, and that any illness she faces may be resolved swiftly.

TUESDAY 25th January

After Tes moved to the capital, the team explained that he is now working alone and trying to produce audio programs as well as sharing content on social media. Please pray that God will raise other people up to support him in this ministry. Pray that they too will be committed to growing God’s kingdom with passion and have a heart for the people in Northeast Africa they hope to reach.

WEDNESDAY 26th January

The team have shared that the war continues to worsen, and many thousands have been displaced. Please pray that God will bring peace to the nation. The growing hatred among people is very frightening and scary for the team as they seek to share words of peace and reconciliation. Communities that once lived peaceably are experiencing distrust and turning on each other. Please pray that God will move in this situation and change the minds and hearts of those seeking to bring harm or division.

THURSDAY 27th January

Please pray for the governments in the region and neighbouring countries, that God will give them the heart of peace and reconciliation. There is a lot of brokenness and hurt. There are a lot of challenges in our lives, internal and external, some of them are related to the current situation in the region. Pray that God will give them strength, wisdom and restore their hope.

FRIDAY 28th January

Due to the war and conflict in the region, many who were refugees have once again been displaced. Some are in prison and suffering. Others fear for their lives as they are not known in the cities where they have taken refuge. Please pray that God will bring peace to the region.

SATURDAY 29th January

The message of the gospel broadcast on radio has become so vital for many millions in the region. Most listeners share that they do not have another alternative and that the radio broadcasts bring reassurance and support. Please pray that God will give the team timely and relevant messages for their listeners. Pray too that God will continue to work through their broadcasts as they prepare, plan and share the Good News of Jesus through this critical ministry.

SUNDAY 30th January

Praise God for those who are responding to the messages being broadcast. There are many who are calling and texting on social media that the broadcasts are bringing real and positive change in their lives. Please pray that they might know God and His love more deeply and share this love with others around them who are suffering.

MONDAY 31st January

As we draw to the end of the first month in 2022, we pray for the plans that are being made and finalised for the year ahead. Pray that God will guide and bless the team as they prepare for upcoming broadcasts, new programmes and seek to bring peace and comfort where there is division and fear. 1 Peter 5:7.