Feba partner Radio Wimbe is helping to bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba, Mozambique. The team shares the good news of Jesus Christ with the Makonde, Mwani and Makua tribal groups over the radio, in Bible studies and through follow up visits. For many of those living in these tribal groups, the programmes shared by Radio Wimbe are the first time they will have heard the gospel in their own heart language.

SUNDAY 24th October

The province of Cabo Delgado has seen increasing tension and uncertainty over recent months. Please pray for those working to restore stability in the province, that they may be able to work together and bring peace to those living and working there.

MONDAY 25th October

Please pray for the radio programmes being broadcast into Pemba, that the message of Jesus and the Christian faith may bring hope to the community. Ask that the team will be encouraged as they prepare and plan, inspired by the Holy Spirit as they reach out to those listening.  

TUESDAY 26th October

Please pray for the team as they look at purchasing their own antenna, allowing them to increase the reach of their broadcasts so that many more might hear the gospel and be transformed.

WEDNESDAY 27th October

The team have shared health broadcasts and advice on how to stop the spread of Covid. Pray that the team might be strengthened as they engage with listeners, answer their questions, and personally feel the effects of the pandemic emotionally and physically.

THURSDAY 28th October

Pray for the team as they consider and prepare a baptism plan for the communities that they are working in. Pray especially for those that will be baptised, may God protect and lead them as they deepen their faith and make this important commitment.

FRIDAY 29th October

Avelino, the brother of one of the team at Radio Wimbe is unwell with cancer. Please pray that he might know God’s comfort and healing during this difficult time.

SATURDAY 30th September

We lift up all the pastors and Christian leaders in Mozambique today and ask God to bring unity and peace. Please pray for the important role that community radio can play in healing divisions and bringing people together to share the good news of Jesus.

SUNDAY 31st October

Radio Wimbe seeks to broadcast to people belonging to the Makonde, Mwani and Makua, tribal groups who are all culturally Islamic. This means that many have never heard the good news of Jesus before. Please pray that their hearts and minds will be open to the gospel as they listen and engage with programmes on Radio Wimbe.

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.