Radio Wimbe is helping to bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba, Mozambique. The radio station is supplementing its Bible teaching radio programmes with face-to-face Bible study groups using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) materials.

SUNDAY 12th June

We give thanks that 25 production and follow-up workers and volunteers were able to gather at Radio Wimbe for a week of training recently. Representatives of the three language groups served by the radio station had opportunities to study the Bible together, pray and share both the challenges they face and the encouraging responses they've received from listeners. Please pray that this time together will lay a foundation for future growth as each person plays their part in bringing the gospel to this volatile region of Mozambique. (Acts 2:42)

MONDAY 13th June

Farida, station manager at Radio Wimbe, has reported a big increase in the number of small groups gathering for Discovery Bible Studies. She estimates there are now around 500 small groups meeting in the area. Please pray that these groups will continue to mature and multiply. Above all, pray that these new members will integrate into local church fellowships where they can grow in their faith and become witnesses to Christ in their communities.

TUESDAY 14th June

Praise God for the safe delivery of audio and print Bibles to Pemba in March. Audio Bibles are a vital resource for any workers and listeners who either struggle or cannot read at all. Please pray for Rafael who leads Bible study groups in the Makua language even though he's unable to read and for Celestine who partners with him in this ministry. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


Please pray for the disciple-making strategy that the team at Radio Wimbe has been developing for those who hear about Jesus and respond to the gospel messages they hear on the radio. Pray that more listeners will be open to joining a Bible study group and discovering how to become a follower of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20

THURSDAY 16th June

Pray today for the producers and presenters at Radio Wimbe that they may be inspired in their preparation and delivery of the message of the Word of Life. Pray for those who speak Mwani, Makua and Shimakonde as they prepare and deliver two hours of programming daily in each language. Please also pray for the two-hour slot in Portuguese presented by Sonya. (Revelation 7:9)

FRIDAY 17th June

Praise God for listener Elena who contacted the radio station five years ago. She was visited by follow-up worker, Emmanuel, at a time when her life was in ruins. After committing her life to Christ, she read all through the Bible and has faithfully followed the Lord ever since. She testifies that her life has been turned around. She now hosts a Bible study group in her home. Please pray for her husband, Noora, who continues in his Muslim faith. Please pray that he too would be inspired to turn and follow Jesus through Elena's witness and example.

SATURDAY 18th June

Give thanks today for Farida who leads the work at Radio Wimbe. We thank God for her wisdom, spiritual maturity and leadership. Please pray that God will keep and protect Farida, her husband and their four children and that she will continue to have godly wisdom and patience as she leads her team in a challenging environment. (Proverbs 3:13-18)