Radio Wimbe shares the good news of Jesus Christ with the Makonde, Mwani and Makua tribal groups based in Pemba, Mozambique. The radio station supplements its Bible teaching radio programmes with face-to face, and currently online Bible study.

SUNDAY 11th October 

Please pray for those affected by the Islamic insurgency of Al-Shabaab across East Africa. Pemba is now welcoming many people fleeing the conflict in northern Mozambique. With so many refugees needing shelter and food, please pray for God’s provision and protection at this very challenging time.

MONDAY 12th October    

As the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths is increasing each day in Mozambique, please pray that people will follow the World Health Organisation advice that Radio Wimbe is broadcasting daily over the radio. Pray for the new programmes giving advice on how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Ask God for wisdom for those answering questions on air about the disease.

TUESDAY 13th October    

We thank God for the opportunity to broadcast Bible study programmes through the community radio station in Mecufe which has a reach of about 100km, including the nearby province of Nampula. Please pray that as people hear God’s word in their own heart language, they will put their faith and trust in Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 14th October

We lift up all the pastors and Christian leaders in Mozambique today and ask God to bring unity, peace and a greater understanding of the oneness we all share in Christ. Please pray for the important role that community radio can play in healing divisions and bringing people together to share the good news of Jesus.

THURSDAY 15th October 

Please pray for all those involved in producing and presenting programmes on Radio Wimbe. The schedule can be demanding and many people are giving their time as volunteers. Please pray for God’s protection and good health, especially when so many are fearful about contracting COVID-19.

FRIDAY 16th October  

We give thanks for Farida who leads Radio Wimbe’s ministry. Please pray she will continue to discern God’s will as she and her team respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising Islamic insurgency in the area.

SATURDAY 17th October 

The main target audiences for Radio Wimbe are people belonging to the Makonde, Mwani and Makua. These tribal groups are all culturally Islamic, which means that many have never heard the good news of Jesus before. Please pray their hearts and minds will be opened to the gospel as they listen and engage with programmes on Radio Wimbe.