Today more than 98% of Mongolians do not know who Jesus is. The slow progress is understandable: Mongolia is an enormous country with extreme temperatures, and many still live a nomadic lifestyle in hard-to-reach areas. In 2001, FEBC Mongolia launched its first ever Christian Radio station. Every station is planted in close partnership with a local church, and so as listeners come to faith in Jesus, they are also welcomed into a local body of believers. There are still many regions of Mongolia where the Gospel has little presence; FEBC Mongolia’s vision is to cover every major city in Mongolia with local Gospel FM radio broadcasts.

SUNDAY 9th January

We give thanks to God for the recent award received by the FEBC team in Mongolia. In its 20th year of proclaiming the gospel and providing support and care to local communities it is celebrating being named ‘Best radio station of the year’ by the Mongolian Journalism Association. The team shared that “it is a prestigious award given to media companies who tackle social injustice and betterment of life in the community”.

MONDAY 10th January

As part of FEBC Mongolia’s 20th anniversary, a team of five staff travelled over 1,000 km to make a documentary about the lives of listeners changed by the Gospel. “The trip to create a video was magnificent. While meeting listeners and making videos, we were deeply encouraged and blessed by God through our listeners” Chinzo, one of the team told us. Pray that as they continue to meet with listeners, the team will be inspired in their work and find new ways to engage with those they cannot meet in person.

TUESDAY 11th January

Even though the Covid situation remains challenging in Mongolia, the team have been able to create opportunities to connect with rural listeners. Their initiatives have meant that the team have been able to share the testimonies of some of their regular listeners and spend time giving thanks for all that God has done. Please continue to pray as Covid-19 affects partners such as FEBC Mongolia.

WEDNESDAY 12th January

The Morning Show, also known as “930”, has recently introduced sign language interpretation - ensuring that those with hearing impairments are able to engage and connect with the broadcast. Available through streamed programmes and their Facebook page, the team are finding new ways to draw in listeners with the Good News of Jesus. Please pray the with the addition of the new sign language content, that God will bless this ministry and many more programmes will be able to follow suit.

THURSDAY 13th January

With growing concerns around mental health and wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic, FEBC Mongolia have launched a new broadcast with Christian counsellors, inviting listeners to engage and respond to what is being shared. Please pray for those listening - that they might find, hope, reassurance and comfort in these new broadcasts. Pray too for the team of counsellors - for wisdom and guidance as they respond to listeners across the country.

FRIDAY 14th January

We give thanks for the Mongolian churches faithfully serving their local communities. Please pray for the programme ‘Let’s get to know Mongolian Churches’ as they seek to engage with diaspora churches around the country. May God strengthen and protect these valuable relationships. Pray that the testimonies of God at work will continue to inspire the team and those listening as they hear of His transforming love amongst the Mongolian people.

SATURDAY 15th May 

A listener named B. recently shared the impact of the radio station on his life. “During the pandemic, I have been listening to the radio sermons. After the lockdown, I made a decision to participate in my local Sunday services. ‘In Touch’ ministry has shown me what it is to become a ‘new creation’ in God. Please remember me in your prayer.”