Today more than 98% of Mongolians do not know who Jesus is. The slow progress is understandable: Mongolia is an enormous country with extreme temperatures, and many still live a nomadic lifestyle in hard-to-reach areas. In 2001, FEBC Mongolia launched its first ever Christian radio station. Every station is planted in close partnership with a local church, and so as listeners come to faith in Jesus, they are also welcomed into a local body of believers. There are still many regions of Mongolia where the gospel has little presence; FEBC Mongolia’s vision is to cover every major city in Mongolia with local gospel FM radio broadcasts.

SUNDAY 19th June

Praise God that in the space of 30 years, Mongolia has gone from only having four known Christians and no Christian radio stations to 13 stations operated by FEBC. This means FEBC should soon be in a position to reach the entire nation with the gospel – from urban cities to those living a nomadic lifestyle in very remote places. Please pray for the 98% of Mongolians who still do not know Jesus and view Christianity with suspicion as a 'Western faith'.

MONDAY 20th June

Please pray for the church in Mongolia, that Christians will remain united and faithful in sharing the good news of Jesus despite growing opposition. We thank God that each new FEBC radio station in Mongolia has been planted in close partnership with a local church. Please pray that as listeners come to faith by hearing the gospel on the radio, they will also find a warm welcome and grow in their faith in local churches linked to FEBC radio stations. (Acts 4:32)

TUESDAY 21st June

We give thanks for Tungalag (meaning 'serenity'), a 70-year-old widow living alone in Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar. After receiving a radio from FEBC Mongolia she says, "It’s now a true friend, especially during the pandemic when I couldn't go to my local church. I spend all my time at home. Sometimes I feel alone, but the radio helps me not to feel as lonely or get depressed. I often turn on the radio to listen to worship songs, and the messages that come on at midnight. I am so happy to be growing in my Biblical knowledge!” Please pray for Tungalag and other listeners in Mongolia for whom radio is both a personal and spiritual lifeline.  


Please pray for Mairagul, a Kazakh living in the Khovd province of Mongolia with her mother who is also a Christian. Despite being one of only a few Christians in her entire extended family, Mairagul is often asked by her non-Christian relatives and friends to pray for issues affecting their lives. She says, "I know I am here on this earth to declare Jesus as my Lord to all of my family!” (Romans 10:9)

THURSDAY 23rd June

In the northernmost province of Mongolia live the Tsaatan people – a group of nomadic reindeer herders who are regarded as some of the most isolated people on earth due to the inaccessible landscapes they roam across with their reindeer herds. Please pray for the team at FEBC's Huvsgul station that was set up in 2019 to reach the Tsaatan and other hard to reach people in this area. Pray for those who have listened to the marriage and relationship classes that have been broadcast recently. While inroads for the gospel have been made in these extremely isolated communities, prayers are much needed as many remain superstitious and shamanistic which makes them reluctant to become believers.

FRIDAY 24th June

We give thanks to God for Erdenebat – a salesman, who has a passion for sharing the gospel in Mongolia. His work often takes him into the countryside where he takes every opportunity to give lifts to hitchhikers. While driving, he tunes into a FEBC gospel programme titled, 'In Touch'. He says, “Because of the sermons preached on the programmes, I have shared the Good News with several people. When the programmes finish, I talk with passengers more and we learn about our personal beliefs and opinions". Please pray for Erdenebat as he continues to use his car radio to share the good news with people who have never heard the name of Jesus before. (Romans 10:17)

SATURDAY 25th June

Praise God for the opportunity He has given FEBC to add five new radio stations that can broadcast the gospel into major population centres of Mongolia, seven days a week. While the Mongolian government has approved the licences, there is a stipulation that the radio signal must be on air soon, otherwise this opportunity might be lost. Please pray that the funding and resources can be found quickly to set up these much-needed Christian radio stations. (Philippians 4:19)