Our partners at Radio T in Mali are producing radio broadcasts that are taking the good news of Jesus into hard-to-reach places in the north where no Christian workers can go. Since April 2021, following a small pilot, the team is producing programmes in four local languages and are paying local FM community stations in the north of the country to air them.

SUNDAY 5th February

Please pray for peace and stability in Mali. The country continues to face internal tensions, particularly from armed Islamist groups in the north. Pray for wisdom for Mali's leaders as they seek a peaceful transition and return to constitutional order in keeping with the timetable set by the government from March 2023 to February 2024. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

MONDAY 6th February

Praise God that the Church in Mali was able to worship at joyful, end-of-year celebrations without any reports of violence against Christians or services being targeted. With estimates that 88 percent of the population are Sunni Muslims and only three percent Christians (with less than one percent evangelicals), please pray for the vital role our partners are playing in supporting the Church and spreading the good news of Jesus across the nation.

TUESDAY 7th February

We thank God for His protection over the Church in Timbuktu and other parts of Mali facing the threat of violent extremism. Please pray for safety for all the team members at Radio T who travel by car or moped to meet believers and engage in mission in different parts of the country. Deuteronomy 20:4

WEDNESDAY 8th February

Feba UK has played a key role recently in helping Radio T to acquire solar equipment for the station. Please pray that the installation will run smoothly in the coming days and provide the station with a reliable, cost-saving source of power, particularly at a time when the global cost of energy is soaring.  

THURSDAY 9th February

The security situation is complex and dangerous in several parts of central and northern Mali that are under the control of jihadist armed groups. These groups regularly terrorise the population and impose punitive taxes on them. Please pray for God's mighty protection over families who are living in fear. Isaiah 35:4

FRIDAY 10th February

Please pray for the people who are still recovering from last year's floods from the Niger river. Widespread crop failure has intensified the food crisis for many in the country. Also, many traditional homes constructed with mud bricks were washed away by the floods. Please pray for all those involved in rebuilding and overseeing the continuing relief effort. Proverbs 19:17

SATURDAY 11th February

Please lift up in prayer the ministry and the entire team of Radio T and their families today. Pray for courage and steadfastness for our partners as they continually look for fresh ways to share the gospel using every means at their disposal. Please pray for the listeners who call the radio station seeking help and requesting either audio or printed Bibles. Isaiah 55:11