Our partners in Mali have successfully launched new radio broadcasts that are taking the Good News of Jesus into hard-to-reach places where no missionaries can go. In April 2021, following a small pilot, they started to produce new programmes in four local languages and are paying local FM community stations in the north to air them.

SUNDAY 20th February

We praise God for a good and successful harvest throughout Northern Mali, despite the ongoing disruptions and insecurity that the region faces. Give thanks that God is working and making himself known in the North, a region marked by increasing instability caused by militia groups seeking to gain power and instil fear. Please pray for peace across Mali and that where division and fear has dominated, God’s love and compassion will reign.

MONDAY 21st February

The team are working hard to create content in the heart-language of the communities they serve. Pray for them as they plan and prepare broadcasts in each language, that the message of the Good News and exploration of Scripture will be received with open hearts and open ears. May the Word of God go out with each broadcast and that it will accomplish all that the Lord has planned. Isaiah 55:11.  

TUESDAY 22nd February

This month there were due to be government elections, however, recent unrest has led the military government, who recently took over, to seek to postpone these till 2025. Please pray for all those in leadership and for surrounding nations, as they seek to find a way forward. The recent removal of ECOWAS* ambassadors and a withdrawal from the UN has left Mali increasingly isolated. Ask that God guide those who will determine the next steps and pray for a transparent, fully inclusive and peaceful election process and resolution to this difficult situation.

*Economic Community Of West African States

WEDNESDAY 23rd February

New radio broadcasts have allowed the team to reach homes and communities who have never heard the Good News of Jesus before. Give thanks to God today for the power and reach of radio and for the word of God proclaimed over the airwaves in one of the hardest to reach regions in the world. Pray for those who are hearing biblical stories and discovering the person of Jesus for the very first time, ask that God will nurture their curiosity and prompt them to reach out to the team in Mali to find out more.

THURSDAY 24th February

Despite the violent extremism seen in Timbuktu and throughout Mali, the team give thanks for God’s protection over His church and those who are leading His sheep. Please pray for those serving their local church and supporting believers through bible teaching, prayer and fellowship. Pray for their protection and perseverance in this complex and challenging environment. May God bless and encourage them today, pouring out His spirit of boldness upon them.

FRIDAY 25th February

Please pray for all the staff and their families who serve through the ministry in Mali. Pray in particular for health, protection and a deep sense of His presence in their lives. We ask that God will draw near to them, inspire them and lead them as they serve faithfully passionately sharing the gospel and leading others to Jesus. Psalm 145:18

SATURDAY 26th February

As the situation in Mali remains fragile, please pray for those experiencing fear and anxiety. Border closures and limited supplies due to the withdrawal of the UN has left Mali vulnerable and at risk. Ask that God might bring peace and restore divided relationships at every level of governance. Pray that communities will be strengthened and for protection over churches as they navigate this changing landscape.

SUNDAY 27th February

Pray for the continued courage and commitment of the radio team in moments of uncertainty and insecurity. Ask that God sustain them, fill them with His spirit and surround them with His peace. A peace that surpasses our understanding and brings hope to those afflicted or afraid.

MONDAY 28th February

The team have recently set up a new studio which will allow them to record and share a greater number of broadcasts. Give thanks today for this opportunity for growth and ask that God will bless the programmes and ministry that will be enabled through this addition. As we come to the end of the month, lift up Mali, the team and these new hopes for the ministry in the year ahead, entrusting them to the Lord and giving thanks for this faithfulness.

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