FEBC International officially welcomed Malawi as an affiliate member in 2019. At the end of 2020, the team in Malawi launched an FM station to reach Yao-speaking Muslims. Many are tuning in and choosing to follow Jesus. Please pray for FM broadcasts produced and aired for the Yao people, a primarily Muslim group who reside in several countries throughout Africa, with a large population in Malawi.

SUNDAY 12th December

Give thanks for all those who are excited about hearing the Gospel and have reached out to the station requesting wind-up radios to enable them to hear the programmes being broadcast. Please pray that the team are able to follow-up and reach those eager to hear the Good News.

Hear from our partners around the world as they share the transforming power of Jesus in the lives of their listeners this Advent by visiting www.feba.org.uk/Advent3

MONDAY 13th December

We praise God that the team has formed new listener groups amongst the Yao people in September. Another listener group in Malawi grew so large that they established a new church! Pray that this body of believers will continue to grow and plant new churches. (Philippians 1:3-6)

TUESDAY 14th December

The team is also involved in visiting hospitals, churches, choirs and clubs, offering encouragement, prayer and discipleship. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the ministry has grown and those visited have grown in faith and knowledge of God. Please pray that the teams are able to continue their visits safely and meet with those seeking to follow Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 15th December

Following a recent order for equipment, the team has successfully cleared the first radio frequency filter through customs but continue to await the second. Please pray for the safe and smooth arrival so that the team can set them up and increase the capacity to record and broadcast their programmes.

THURSDAY 16th December

As the team prepares and plans for upcoming programmes to the Yao people, please pray for wisdom and guidance. The Yao people are culturally Muslim and often very resistant to Christianity. May their broadcasts speak into the lives of those listening, that hearts and minds might be transformed and restored through the love of Jesus. (Romans 12:2)

FRIDAY 17th December

With growing numbers of listeners, the team has asked that we pray for those who have a hunger for God's word. A listener from Malawi recently shared, “We’ve been so blessed to be able to tune in and learn how to strengthen our spiritual walk with the Lord.” Lift up those who yearn for God, may they grow in their understanding of scripture and continue to draw near to God. (Matthew 5:6)

SATURDAY 18th December

Please lift up the next three months’ programmes in prayer, particularly for their planning and recording. Ask God that each opportunity to share the Gospel message will impact many lives and allow the team to continue creating broadcasts that speak deeply into the lives of the Yao people.