FEBC International officially welcomed Malawi as an affiliate member in 2019. At the end of 2020, the team in Malawi launched an FM station to reach Yao-speaking Muslims. Many are tuning in and choosing to follow Jesus. Please pray for FM broadcasts produced and aired for the Yao people, a primarily Muslim group who reside in several countries throughout Africa, with a large population in Malawi.

SUNDAY 13th March

The team express their concerns that equipment that has been ordered to support their broadcasting remains in South Africa and has yet to arrive with them in Malawi. Please pray that things will begin moving again and that whatever may be causing a delay is resolved promptly and without further issue. Ask that God might make a way through for the safe delivery of the equipment to where it is needed most.

MONDAY 14th March

A recent cyclone that has hit the region caused considerable destruction and devastation to people’s homes and livelihoods. Please pray for all those affected as they begin the slow and often difficult process of rebuilding and adjusting following such events. Pray that the broadcasts planned by the team in Malawi will bring hope and comfort to those listening and that hearts will be touched and lives restored by the message and love of Jesus.

TUESDAY 15th March

Please pray for the follow up team as they distribute audio and written Bibles to listeners and communities engaging with their broadcasts. Ask that God will move deeply in the hearts of those individuals the team are speaking to, that they might grow in their personal understanding of the Christian faith as they read and hear the word of God in their heart language.

WEDNESDAY 16th March

As the ministry in Malawi has developed it has sought to work closely with local churches, making connections and building fellowship with believers around the country. Pray for those leading the churches and the team as they continue to grow spiritually in their own faith and offer discipleship and worship through their fellowship together. Pray for them as Paul prayed for the believers in Ephesus. (Ephesians 1:15-17).

THURSDAY 17th March

As the team continue to reach out in some of the most remote and closed communities, please pray for the practical details that make all of their ministry possible. Pray that the installation of new equipment at Malekano tower goes without glitches and the team are able to begin broadcasting even further than before. We give thanks to God for these opportunities for growth and pray that plans and preparations may continue without hindrance.

FRIDAY 18th March

As new believers listen to broadcasts and engage with the team, they are invited to join discipleship training, offering time spent in scripture, prayer and a space to grow in faith and maturity. Please pray for all those joining the discipleship course right now, that their hearts will remain open and eager to hear of God’s love and compassion over their lives. Pray for the teams ministering and teaching, that they may be strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit as they answer questions and ask that God will bless them, that they may bear fruit for His glory.

SATURDAY 19th March

The team are excited about opportunities that are emerging in Blantyre, where a new transmitter will allow them to reach communities that may have never heard the gospel before. Please pray for the smooth transition for the team and the broadcasts that will be aired through this transmitter. Pray that the hearts of those who hear the programmes and listen to the broadcasts that share Bible stories and answer difficult questions around the Christian faith will lead many more to Jesus.