Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small nation nestled on the border of China in the heart of Asia. Less than 1% of this culturally Muslim nation profess Christian faith. With a population of 6.3 million, it is one of the least reached countries in the world. Yet God is at work in Kyrgyzstan in surprising ways. People are hungry for God. Most have never heard the message of the Gospel. The Kyrgyzstan team runs a network of six FM stations with a heart and passion to reach the whole country with their family focused programmes and gospel messages.

SUNDAY 19th September

The number of cases of a new variant of COVID-19 has increased sharply in parts of Kyrgyzstan in recent weeks. Two members of the team have been seriously ill and forced to quarantine for two weeks. Please pray for good health and for God's heavenly protection over all the team of broadcasters, producers and technicians.

MONDAY 20th September

The team is awaiting a court decision to obtain permission to relocate the main antenna from the roof of a building downtown to the broadcasting centre on the mountain overlooking the city. With many new high-rise buildings across the city, the signal from the mountain will improve the quality and reach of the broadcasts on FM. Please pray that permission will be granted soon so the transmitter and antenna can be relocated before winter sets in.

TUESDAY 21st September

There is an urgent need for an experienced Christian IT specialist who can create and manage an additional website and mobile apps for a number of Central Asian languages. Please pray for God to call the right person to fulfil this vital role who will also be a follower of Christ and fully supportive of the mission and vision of FEBC.

WEDNESDAY 22nd September

Praise God for a listener who became a follower of Christ six months ago. A month later, her 18-year-old son also began to follow Christ. With no church in their village, the FEBC team connected them to a small house church in a village about 12 miles from their home. The listener's husband is now trying to forbid them from meeting with other Christians. Please pray that his heart will be softened and he too will become a follower of Christ (Luke 1:37).

THURSDAY 23rd September

Please pray for a 13-year-old girl who has recently become a follower of Christ through FEBC's ministry. She loves Jesus very much, but her Muslim parents have forbidden her from listening to any Christian broadcasts. They are also forcing her to wear a hijab and pray Muslim prayers five times a day. She has asked us to pray not so much for her safety, but for the salvation of her parents.

FRIDAY 24th September

Please pray for the health of the wife of a key member of the team who has an autoimmune illness. She has to take 30 pills every day and is given a special injection each week. Despite her health problems, she always supports her husband, prays for the ministry, and even participates in the work whenever possible (Psalm 30:2).

SATURDAY 25th September

Together with colleagues from Russia, FEBC Kyrgyzstan is working on producing a series of short videos about the life of Jesus, with special relevance for Muslims. Please pray for good Christian storytellers to support this exciting project and use their skills to reach a number of different Muslim people groups in their own heart language. Pray that these stories would also introduce people to Jesus via social media in a non-proselytising way.