FEBC Kyrgyzstan runs a growing broadcasting network currently reaching two thirds of the Kyrgyz population. In a country with multiple ethnicities, which is less than 40 years old and still struggling to find its place on the world stage, FEBC Kyrgyzstan is playing a vital role in broadcasting the Christian message to this majority Muslim nation.

SUNDAY 18th October 

Praise God for the network of six FM stations run by FEBC throughout Kyrgyzstan. Please pray for the team as they have just completed the building of an extra relay station which will enable them to reach the entire population with the good news of Jesus in their own language via FM broadcasts.

MONDAY 19th October    

We thank God for the presenters who know firsthand the day-to-day reality of their listeners and understand what it really means to be Kyrgyz. Please pray especially for those presenting the live talk-shows and for the unique opportunities they have to reach the Kyrgyz people with the good news of Jesus.

TUESDAY 20th October    

Please pray for wisdom and sensitivity for the team when talking with traditional Muslim people on air. As the presenters respect people where they are and inspire them to think about God’s truth, please pray that listeners will become open to ask questions and seek God’s plan for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

WEDNESDAY 21st October

Many of the programmes are focused on family life. Please pray that these programmes will speak particularly to men and inspire them to be godly fathers, which is a real challenge in the Kyrgyz culture and tradition.

THURSDAY 22nd October 

Forgiveness is often regarded as a foreign concept for many, especially in the Kyrgyz culture and tradition. With this in mind, please pray for wisdom in how to share the need of salvation through Jesus with Kyrgyz people. Ask God for boldness for broadcasters as they often face cultural animosity and misunderstanding towards the Christian faith.

FRIDAY 23rd October  

Please pray for the first generation Kyrgyz church. As we lift up the leaders of this fledgling church, please pray for healthy relationships, an evangelistic heart and sound theology built on biblical truth.

SATURDAY 24th October 

Please pray for the leaders of FEBC Kyrgyzstan as they seek God’s guidance for the most effective way forward to develop this ministry across this poor, landlocked, mountainous country in Central Asia. Pray specifically about finding the most relevant topics to broadcast, expanding the capacity to provide follow up for listeners and making the most of the limited resources that are currently available.