FEBC Kyrgyzstan runs a growing broadcasting network currently reaching two-thirds of the Kyrgyz population. In a country less than 40 years old with multiple ethnicities and still struggling to find its place on the world stage, FEBC Kyrgyzstan is playing a vital role in broadcasting the Christian message to this majority Muslim nation.

THURSDAY 1st April 

Please pray for the team as they plan how to achieve their ambitious goals to bring the gospel to the entire population of Kyrgyzstan. Ask God to inspire the producers with fresh ideas for programmes that will resonate with new listeners and help to answer their doubts and questions.

FRIDAY 2nd April 

On this Good Friday, let’s praise God for several young followers of Christ who have joined the team recently, including Asya. As well as presenting a weekly talk show on FEBC's network of six FM stations and overseeing social media, she has also become the new office manager. Please pray for Asya and other new members of the team that God would continue to use their gifts to bring others to Christ.

SATURDAY 3rd April 

On Easter Saturday, we pray for the relocation of the transmitter and antenna for the capital, Bishkek. Plans to move it from its current location up to the mountains, where many masts for TV and radio stations are located, have had to be delayed following all the political unrest in October 2020. Now with new leaders in place, please pray that permission to move the transmitter will be granted soon.

SUNDAY 4th April 

Praise God on this Easter Sunday for the partnership between FEBC and churches in Kyrgyzstan. FEBC broadcasts provide significant opportunities for local churches to reach out to people in their neighbourhoods with the gospel. Please pray for wisdom and protection for local pastors and other church leaders who regularly participate in FEBC's talk shows.

MONDAY 5th April 

More and more people have been tuning into FEBC's radio programmes, particularly during the recent lockdowns and political unrest in the country. Please pray for an openness among listeners to hear the gospel and make contact with the follow-up team. May the truth set them free to enjoy this life to the full while looking forward to spending eternity with Jesus in heaven.

TUESDAY 6th April 

Praise God for the success of the talk show, School for Mothers, which provides practical and Christ-centered advice about raising children. The feedback from mothers continues to be most encouraging with several expressing an interest to learn more about Jesus. Please pray for all those involved in presenting these programmes and providing follow-up to listeners.

WEDNESDAY 7th April 

With rising cases of domestic abuse in Kyrgyzstan, please pray for all those who feel fearful and trapped in abusive relationships. Pray for opportunities for God's message of love, hope and freedom to reach into homes via FEBC's radio and internet broadcasts. May people know that God hears and responds to their cries for help (Psalm 145:18-20).

THURSDAY 8th April 

Please pray for the political situation in the country. After President Sooronbay Jeenbekov was ousted in a popular revolt in October 2020 following allegedly rigged parliamentary elections, Sadyr Japarov won a landslide victory in the January 2021 presidential election. Pray for political stability and greater freedom to broadcast the gospel throughout Kyrgyzstan.

FRIDAY 9th April 

Please pray for Myrsaim who has stepped down recently as office manager. Although she has passed on most of her responsibilities to Asya, she plans to continue to support the team on a part-time basis. Pray for God's blessing on her and her family at this time of transition.

SATURDAY 10th April  

With a population of 6.3 million, Kyrgyzstan is one of the least reached countries in the world. Less than 1% of this culturally Muslim nation profess to be Christians. While most have never heard the message of the gospel, there is a real hunger for God. Please pray for many new doors to open through FEBC's ministry to share the good news of Jesus.