FEBC Kyrgyzstan runs a growing broadcasting network currently covering two-thirds of the Kyrgyz population. In a country less than 40 years old with multiple ethnicities and still struggling to find its place on the world stage, FEBC Kyrgyzstan is playing a vital role in broadcasting the Christian message to this majority Muslim nation.

FRIDAY 1st July

Please pray for Ulanbek and all the staff at FEBC Kyrgyzstan who work tirelessly to share the Gospel message across this mountainous, landlocked country in Central Asia. Pray for sensitivity, boldness and courage as well as inspiration for the team as they prepare content to broadcast, bearing in mind that even owning a Bible in Kyrgyzstan is a punishable crime. (Deuteronomy 31:6)


The team is currently preparing some special programmes in the Russian language for many of the Russian-speaking Kyrgyz living in the north, especially in the capital, Bishkek. Please pray this will be an opportunity to spread peace, understanding, trust and unity, especially among ethnic Russians and Ukrainians living alongside each other in the country. (Matthew 5:9)

SUNDAY 3rd July

Praise God for the six FEBC radio stations currently on-air sharing programmes that are inspiring people to discover the Good News of Jesus for themselves. Pray for those listening, that they may grow in their faith and find comfort in the words shared on air.

MONDAY 4th July

Plans are underway to launch the ‘Cyber Harvest’ project which has the potential to have a far-reaching impact for spreading the Gospel not only in Kyrgyzstan but to Kyrgyz speakers around the world. Please pray for wisdom and the resources required to launch this ambitious project in a country where Christian converts are often abused and generally oppressed by society at large. (Matthew 5.10)

TUESDAY 5th July

There's an urgent need for experienced and trustworthy IT specialists to help create the website and mobile app for the Cyber Harvest project. Please pray for God to direct the right people who are in sympathy with FEBC's ministry to take on these key roles and spearhead these exciting developments in a country where less than one percent of the population professes to have an evangelical Christian faith. (Proverbs 16:3).


Please pray for one of the TikTok broadcasters on the team. As she is from a Muslim family, her parents want her to marry a Muslim which would prevent her from continuing in her role. This would be a huge loss to the team. Pray for her parents to have a change of heart and allow their daughter to choose the person she wishes to marry. (Galatians 5:1)

Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening where we will hear directly from our Feba partners serving Nepal. For full details see www.feba.org.uk/prayermeeting


Christians in Kyrgyzstan are mostly persecuted by family members and their communities, including some Muslim religious leaders. Following decades of Communist rule, the majority of Kyrgyz have now re-established their nation's pre-communist Islamic cultural heritage. Please pray that these huge cultural barriers would not prevent people from hearing the gospel on the radio and online and then becoming committed followers of Jesus.

FRIDAY 8th July

Please pray for more Christian staff and volunteers to join the team. Ask God to comfort and protect those who are considering joining the team who might be fearing rejection, abuse and isolation from their own families and friends for making this bold decision. (John 16:33)


Please remember President Sadyr Japarov and the Kyrgyzstan government in your prayers today. The government has placed heavy restrictions on missionary activity and the distribution of religious publications in the country. A new church in Kyrgyzstan is required to have 200 members to register which has made church planting very challenging. Please pray for religious laws to be reformed to allow evangelical Christians to worship and share their faith openly with their neighbours. (Psalm 82:3)