FEBC Kazakhstan was officially incorporated in June 2005 with the hope of establishing local FM stations in 2 major cities: Almaty and Astana. While the team have made significant progress in securing required licenses for the FM stations, they are still waiting for the government to issue specific FM frequencies. Until then, the team are reaching listeners by using shortwave and internet broadcasts with the Good News of Jesus.

TUESDAY 1st February

The situation in Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, has been increasingly unstable following the increase in the price of gas. Protests and riots have thrown the country into a state of insecurity and violence for many. Please pray for the people of Kazakhstan as they experience fear and uncertainty for the future. Pray for wisdom in the government as it responds to the riots, and for those protesting, that they might find other ways to be heard and seek change.

WEDNESDAY 2nd February

The riots that took place earlier this year led to country-wide internet outages. Without access to messaging apps and online communication platforms it was particularly difficult for many to keep in touch and check-up on friends and family. The outages also posed serious challenges for the team broadcasting during these turbulent times, as a significant proportion of their programming is broadcast online. Please pray as the team prepare and plan for the coming months, for insight and vision as the country finds a new way forward.

Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening where we will hear directly from our Feba partners in Egypt – for full details see www.feba.org.uk/prayermeeting

THURSDAY 3rd February

Please pray for the safety and well-being of the team as they work under these challenging circumstances. Ask that they might find encouragement and wisdom as they seek to continue sharing the Good News through their programming and supporting listeners experiencing fear and uncertainty. Give thanks for the growth of the gospel in this region, and for the openness of the government which is allowing Kazakh churches to thrive. Pray particularly for the protection of these new believers as they draw closer to God.

FRIDAY 4th February

News outlets reported of protests erupting in several other cities throughout January, with security forces using tear gas and stun grenades. Ask that God might bring continuing restoration and peace where there has been division and violence. Pray that the situation improves over coming days and weeks, bringing with it a stability for the people of Kazakhstan. Psalm 55:22.

SATURDAY 5th February 

Rudi Wiens, director of FEBC Kazakhstan shared that the instability experienced through the riots led to an increase in organised crime as they took advantage of the situation. Communities living in the cities that saw some of the worst protests faced looting and violence leaving many afraid in areas they used to feel safe and secure. Please pray that God will work through the broadcasts and prayer of the Kazakh team, bringing hope into the hostility and encouraging listeners as they discover more of God’s care and love for them.