Japan is one of the least reached countries in the world, with only 0.8% of the population professing an evangelical Christian faith. This small number continues to decline as fewer young people are coming to faith in Christ. Japan is one of FEBC’s top priorities as they seek new ways to bring the hope of Christ to those who desperately need to hear the Good News.

SUNDAY 8th May

Japan's official policy on religion implies that people are free to choose whom they worship, but Christianity is often viewed with suspicion as a foreign, Western religion. As a result, Japanese Christians sometimes find it hard to reconcile their Christian beliefs with their own cultural traditions. Please pray for all those attending church in Japan today or listening to services broadcast by our FEBC partners. Pray that each person will have the courage to keep following Jesus and witnessing to His love by the way they live to their family and friends.

1 John 4:18

MONDAY 9th May

An FEBC listener in Japan writes, "Although I believed in Jesus, I couldn't confess my faith to others. But then I heard your broadcaster's message that I was connected to Jesus through FEBC. This made me want to go to church. I was a little scared, but I finally attended a service. Now I want to be guided by Jesus. I'm so grateful to FEBC". Please pray for this listener and others in Japan who feel constrained and find it hard to share openly about their faith with others.

TUESDAY 10th May

FEBC Japan is now in its third year of changed working practices where most of the staff members are working remotely. Please pray for the team as they explore options to end homeworking following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in the workplace. For all those continuing to work from home, pray they will be encouraged and motivated to keep close to the Lord Jesus and not grow weary or discouraged in sharing their faith.

Isaiah 40:31


Planning is underway for the staff retreat at the end of May when all members of the FEBC Japan team will gather together for this important time away. Please pray for God's blessing on this retreat and that each person will find their faith renewed and refreshed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray it will be an opportunity for team members to draw closer as brothers and sisters in Christ, especially after working apart for so long during the pandemic. 


Praise God for the two new part-time members of staff that have recently joined the team. Please pray they will settle in quickly, grow in their faith and experience great joy and fulfilment in serving the Lord through the ministry of FEBC Japan.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

FRIDAY 13th May

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, a significant proportion of the Japanese population was experiencing a deep sense of social isolation and loneliness. Culturally, great importance is placed on career, wealth and success, which in turn has contributed to falling marriage and birth rates for many years. Please pray that the ministry of FEBC Japan will be effective in reaching out and speaking words of life and hope, especially to young women who appear to be most at risk of committing suicide in these uncertain times.


Japan is known for its natural beauty, its distinctive culture and advanced technology. The gospel first came to Japan around 500 years ago, but despite the efforts of missionaries and Japanese believers, including FEBC's faithful Japanese team, Christians are still a very small minority. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough in the Japanese church that will also impact the culture and society with the Good News of Jesus.