Japan is one of the most unreached countries in the world, with only 0.8% of the population professing an evangelical Christian faith. This small number continues to decline as fewer young people are coming to faith in Christ. Japan is one of FEBC’s top priorities as they seek to bring the hope of Christ to those who desperately need to hear the Good News.

SUNDAY 1st August

Today, despite being one of the world’s most affluent nations, there is a surprising sadness among many Japanese people. Even before COVID-19 hit, a significant proportion of the Japanese population were experiencing social isolation and loneliness. Please pray that the radio programmes produced by FEBC might reach those feeling lonely, and offer light, peace, and the companionship of Jesus during these challenging times.

MONDAY 2nd August

Due to growing isolation, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, which has risen recently among young women. Pray for those who feel they have no reason or purpose for living. May they hear Jesus' words of life and hope as they listen to FEBC programmes and share what's on their hearts and minds with the follow-up teams.  

TUESDAY 3rd August

The nation’s official policy on religion suggests freedom of choice, but the cultural reality is that those who attend a church are often ostracized by their family and friends. Please pray for those who have recently become believers and ask for God's strength to protect them from the rejection of loved ones. May their relatives see the difference that Christ makes and be open to invite Him into their lives too.

WEDNESDAY 4th August

As COVID-19 continues to impact countries globally, including Japan, please pray for Japan’s workforce, most of whom have to travel on busy public transport to work each day as it is not often possible to work remotely or from home.

THURSDAY 5th August

Please pray for FEBC staff who are working long hours to produce programmes and respond to an increased number of listener calls, texts, emails and letters. We ask that they might be encouraged and strengthened to persevere despite the challenges the face. May they cast their burdens on the Lord knowing that He will sustain them and will 'never let the righteous be shaken' (Psalm 55:22).

FRIDAY 6th August

With only 0.8% of the population identifying as evangelical Christians, pray for doors to open to enable FEBC to continue this ministry to the next generation, especially via the internet. Pray that many will discover the transforming love of Jesus and make the decision to turn to God and choose to place their trust in Him for the rest of their lives.

SATURDAY 7th August

As the Tokyo Olympics draws to a close this weekend, please pray for all those who have competed and been part of this extraordinary event. During this time of heightened concern and anxiety over the spread of the virus, please pray that more people will be led by God's spirit to tune into FEBC’s Gospel broadcasts and find hope and comfort from interacting with these programmes.