Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes that help to address issues facing the different neighbourhoods in the areas where they broadcast. Solutions are suggested from a Christian perspective which help to bring understanding among people of different faiths. From advice on raising a family to understanding Bible stories, Iraq FM is building community and seeing many come to Christ as they share the transforming power of the gospel in people’s lives.

SUNDAY 23rd April

As Iraq continues to face severe economic difficulties, please pray for many families that are suffering from hardship, hunger and insecurity at this time. Please pray for God's strength and wisdom to empower the team at Iraq FM as they minister over the airwaves and one-to-one with those who are finding it hard to believe and trust in God. Romans 8:28

MONDAY 24th April

Please pray for Abram*. Following a problem at work, his manager fired him. As a regular listener to Iraq FM, Abram has asked us to pray for him and his family at this difficult time. Praise God that he told a member of the team recently that "I believe in your faith".

TUESDAY 25th April

We give thanks for Sara* who has been listening to Iraq FM for a while. She has recently asked the team to send her a copy of the Bible. Please pray that God would speak powerfully to her and her family through His word. Please also pray for Meah*. Her heart is broken after breaking up with her boyfriend. Pray that she will find comfort and peace as she talks and prays with the team at Iraq FM. Psalm 147:3

WEDNESDAY 26th April

The team at Iraq FM is preparing for a very difficult summer ahead with the prospect of soaring temperatures and severe water shortages. Please pray that the rivers will not run dry and that the country will avoid further drought. Jeremiah 17:8

THURSDAY 27th April

Please pray for members of the team who are working on exciting new plans and ideas for the Facebook page. Praise God for the partnership and support that the team is receiving from a ministry in Egypt. Pray that they will be able to work effectively together to extend the impact of Iraq FM's presence on social media across all age groups and faith backgrounds. 

FRIDAY 28th April

In some parts of the city, Iraq FM's signal is weak which is causing a number of listeners to give up and tune into other radio stations. Please pray for the resources and manpower to carry out urgent maintenance work on the tower so that both new and existing listeners will be able to hear the good news of Jesus clearly over the airwaves. Romans 10:17

SATURDAY 29th April

Please pray for the team as they work on ideas for new programmes in the coming months. Pray that the Holy Spirit would renew their minds and fill them with fresh creative ideas that will engage with listeners and break down any barriers to believing and trusting in Jesus. Romans 12:1-2

SUNDAY 30th April

Safety and security are still major concerns in Iraq. Please pray for the team that they will feel safe in the building where they are currently working. Also, the team is urgently looking for a new member of staff to be trained in radio production. Pray that God will send the right person at the right time to fulfil this important role and be a great blessing and encouragement to the team.

*For the sake of security, some of the real names of people have been changed or omitted.