Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes that help to address issues facing the different neighbourhoods in the areas where they broadcast. Solutions are suggested from a Christian perspective which help to bring understanding among people of different faiths. From advice on raising a family to understanding Bible stories, Iraq FM is building community and seeing many come to Christ as they share the transforming power of the gospel in people’s lives.

SUNDAY 20th November

Please pray for the security and political situation in Iraq. Feba's partners at Iraq FM are fearful the current struggle for power and who might head up the new government could result in a Shiite civil war. Pray that this widespread instability will not threaten both Iraq FM 's service and the safety of everyone in the country. (John 16:33)

MONDAY 21st November

Iraq FM has an exciting vision to see the spiritual influence of radio extend far beyond the city where they work to other key cities both in the north and the south. Please pray for bureaucratic obstacles to be removed so this vision can be fulfilled in the near future enabling Christ's message of hope to be heard across this troubled and divided nation.  

TUESDAY 22nd November

Praise God for listeners who have made the bold decision to follow Christ including Brother Ammar, Brother Abu Ali and Sister Fatima. Please pray for each of them as they continue to grow in their faith with the support, encouragement and prayers of the team at Iraq FM. (Colossians 1:9-10)

WEDNESDAY 23rd November

We thank God for M* who is a new radio listener to Iraq FM. He called the station recently and said, 'Your programmes are very beneficial. When we hear what you are talking about, we cannot help but participate because the topics are important and touch the realities of our daily lives. We study and learn a lot from you. I use the radio application on my phone to listen to you and I comment on your page on Facebook. I love what you offer a lot. I have started the Alpha programme on your website. Thank you'. Please pray for M and other new listeners who are growing in their faith through listening to Iraq FM and participating in the online Alpha programme.

THURSDAY 24th November

Please pray for the team that is currently developing a new Facebook page for Iraq FM. The team is being assisted by an Egyptian Christian organisation that has specialist skills in using Facebook and other social media in creative and innovative ways. Please pray that these new initiatives will help to increase the number of listeners and encourage positive online engagement with people searching for the truth about Jesus. (John 8:32)

FRIDAY 25th November

Following a series of technical problems in recent months, the team at Iraq FM had no option but to invest in several new pieces of equipment for their broadcasting studios. Praise God that funding for the equipment came quickly from Feba's partners around the world. Please pray for the team as they become confident in using this new equipment to share the good news in a country where Christians are regularly targeted and persecuted for their beliefs. (Matthew 5:10-12)

SATURDAY 26th November 

The team is developing new techniques to bring the Bible alive on video and make God's word more accessible to people. As a ministry, Iraq FM regularly sends Bibles to listeners. Please pray for this initiative that also features programmes that encourage people to read God’s word, ask questions about the text and engage in personal, in-depth discussion with the follow-up team. (Joshua 1:8)

SUNDAY 27th November

Please pray for blind listener, R* who listens to programmes through Iraq FM's phone app and Facebook page. After a team member sent R an audio Bible, she is now following R up and answering her questions. Please ask the Holy Spirit to open R's heart to accept the truth of the gospel.

MONDAY 28th November

Listener K* won a prize after entering a competition on an Iraq FM entertainment programme. He then spoke confidentially to the follow-up team about his need for Jesus. K received a Bible and completed an Alpha course. The outreach team has visited him and shared the gospel with his family. K has joined a local church which he now attends regularly with his son and daughter. Please pray that all K's family will come to know Jesus. (John 17:3)

TUESDAY 29th November

Please pray for listener S*. After posting a negative comment on Iraq FM's Facebook page, the team responded with kind, loving words. Later she called the follow-up team and said that Jesus had appeared to her in a dream and told her the gospel is His true message and that He came to save her from her sins. She became positive and joined the Alpha programme and a local church. S lives with her sick mother. Please pray that she will continue to grow in her faith. Pray for healing for her mother and that she too will believe the gospel message.

WEDNESDAY 30th November

Since the election in October 2021, Iraq has been stuck in a political crisis with members of the Council of Representatives unable to form a stable coalition government or elect a new President. While basic day-to-day government continues, there is deadlock about all major spending and taxation issues. Please pray for an end to this deadlock and for peace, stability and an end to widespread corruption. (Amos 5:24)

*names changed for security reasons

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.