*Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes, helping to address the issues facing the different neighbourhoods in the areas they broadcast, solutions are suggested from a Christian perspective which helps bring understanding among those of different faiths.

SUNDAY 14th June 

Everyday life in Iraq has become even more difficult as a result of Covid-19. *Iraq FM’s employees and volunteers have special press permits to move around, but with no public transport operating, many are unable to come to the station to produce programmes and carry out regular broadcasts. Please pray for the team as they try and manage these additional pressures and logistical challenges.

MONDAY 15th June

Just when the population of Iraq is feeling even more vulnerable, ISIS has reappeared bringing with it the spirit of fear and oppression. Please pray specifically for areas such as Salah El Din and Karkouk where ISIS is targeting. ‘May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him’ (Psalm  68:1)

TUESDAY 16th June

The team at *Iraq FM are setting up a dedicated space in the studio for broadcasting live on Facebook. Please pray for the team leader who is currently training some staff members so they can start broadcasting via Facebook very soon. There is great excitement and anticipation because the team believes this new initiative will help them reach more people in their community and bring them closer to listeners.


Please pray for the church project in a southern Iraqi city where a new studio is being built for FM radio ministry. Pray that all the preparations will run quickly and smoothly so that more people in Iraq can enjoy a Christian community radio station soon.

THURSDAY 18th June

Praise God for a new female listener who has started to read the Bible online. The team is looking forward to the end of quarantine when they will be able to visit her and give her a hard copy of the Bible. Pray that God opens Mina’s eyes to the truth so she can trust Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

FRIDAY 19th June

Following the launch of a new programme, “Miracles and Signs”, the team is praying for listeners to be touched by the Lord’s healing hands. One listener has shared that he is dealing with psychological issues that are making him violent and causing him to hurt his wife and children. Please pray for this man and ask God to heal him in Jesus’ Name.

SATURDAY 20th June

A female listener has asked for practical, emotional and spiritual support because she has recently lost her job as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team at *Iraq FM is receiving a huge number of calls from people like this woman who have suddenly found themselves unemployed and unable to support their families. Please pray for the government and health officials in Iraq who are working so hard to bring the pandemic under control and see the economy and everyday life begin to recover in this troubled, war-torn country.

*For the sake of security, some of the real names and the name of the radio station has been changed.