Community station, Iraq FM*, shares broadcasts that tackle local issues. Through daily programmes, it provides relevant content and support to listeners throughout the country. With a heart to build relationships, Iraq FM are finding ways to bring communities together as they discover more of the Christian faith. Many Iraqi men and women begin their journeys of spiritual transformation by listening and responding to the programmes on air.

SUNDAY 10th October

Today, important elections are taking place in the country. With the political situation in Iraq unstable right now, please pray as many gather to vote. Thank God for this opportunity and pray that the next government would be more open, support more individual freedom and make the country safer for all those living there.  

MONDAY 11th October

Please pray for our partners within Iraq as they serve and support the ministry of Iraq FM. Ask God to strengthen and encourage them in the face of increasing challenges as they share the good news of Jesus through their radio broadcasts.

TUESDAY 12th October

Sharing the Christian faith in Iraq is difficult, with many opposing the work and broadcasts that are shared on the radio. Please pray for the team that they may be filled with wisdom and that God will protect them against any opposition that they face.

WEDNESDAY 13th October

On occasion, like many of us reliant on technology, the team face technical problems at the radio station. Pray that solutions can be found with equipment available inside Iraq and give thanks for those who are able to connect with the team from outside the country and provide engineering help and advice

THURSDAY 14th October

Please pray for the new station the team are opening, that it may reach an even greater number of people with Bible teaching and programmes featuring social issues. Pray that these new broadcasts will touch the hearts of listeners and attract them to the Kingdom of God.

FRIDAY 15th October

Praise God for the two listeners who have accepted Christ into their lives through radio programmes in the past two months. Please pray for them as they grow and deepen their faith. Ask that God will protect them and use them for his glory.

SATURDAY 16th October

We give thanks to God that the team continue to stay healthy despite the corona virus pandemic. Please continue to pray for their wellbeing, both physical and spiritual, as they experience the pressures and stress that it has placed on many people.