Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes that help to address issues facing the different neighbourhoods in the areas where they broadcast. Solutions are suggested from a Christian perspective which helps to bring understanding among people of different faiths. From support on raising a family, to Bible stories, Iraq FM are building community and seeing many come to Christ as they share the transforming power of the gospel in people’s lives.


Iraq has been buffeted with suffocating dust storms which have affected the health and wellbeing of many across the country. Please remember those in authority as they seek ways to combat this widespread, debilitating problem. Ask God to protect the team and resources at Iraq FM as the sand could have a disastrous effect on the delicate equipment used. Please pray too, for peace and healing throughout this troubled land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening where we will hear directly from our Feba partners in Kyrgyzstan. For full details see


Praise God for the team that has recently built and launched a new website for the radio station. Please pray that this revitalised online presence will lead to many new people interacting with Iraq FM and becoming regular listeners. Pray that any technical issues will quickly be resolved and the website will be protected from any interference or cyber-attacks from groups opposed to the ministry.

FRIDAY 3rd June

The team believes this is a key moment to refresh and renew the schedule and change many of the radio programmes that are currently broadcast on Iraq FM. Please pray for the team as they seek the Lord for wisdom and creativity for both fresh programme content and how best to communicate the good news in ways that will inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. (John 8:32)


Exciting plans are underway for Iraq FM to establish its own charitable organisation to further its work and ministry in the country. Unfortunately, progress is slow because of government red-tape. Please pray for God to open closed doors and speed up the process of registering and establishing this new charity so that many can benefit from its services. (Matthew 7:7-8)

SUNDAY 5th June

Please pray for two listeners, Ayah and Murtada, that they may continue to draw closer to Christ. Ayah has been blessed by listening to Christian programmes and receiving Christ’s love and acceptance from the Iraq FM team. We thank God for Murtada's dream where he believes he had a powerful encounter with Jesus after hearing a gospel programme on Iraq FM. He found this experience deeply moving as he believed that Christ began to touch his heart. Pray that his experiences will be a powerful witness to others in sharing the gospel. (Acts 2:17)

MONDAY 6th June

In recent months, the team has sent out copies of the gospel to around 15 listeners who have specifically requested a copy. Please pray that these 'seeds' will bear much fruit in the months and years to come as listeners read God's word and pass on the good news they've received to others in their families and neighbourhoods.

TUESDAY 7th June

Living conditions in Iraq are often very challenging with many people struggling with poverty and unemployment. In this context, the team at Iraq FM faces many demands on their time and resources. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill them each day and empower them with wisdom, sensitivity and purpose when presenting programmes or following up listeners. (James 1:5)


For a while, the team has been praying specifically for signs and miracles to accompany their broadcast ministry, especially among the many listeners who are sick and struggling both physically and psychologically at this time. Please pray for Christ the healer to make them whole. As they are touched by his strength, may God be glorified in and through their lives.


The team at Iraq FM is so thankful to each person who uses Feba's Prayer Focus to pray for them. Time and again they have seen how God makes all things possible through prayer. As we lift up our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq today in prayer, let's ask God to fill each of us with His hope, joy and peace. (Romans 15:13)

FRIDAY 10th June

Iraq is still experiencing insurgent terrorist activity with roadside bombings, assassinations, kidnappings and acts of sabotage. While ISIS cannot claim any territorial gains, they are still capable of inflicting damage on both the security forces and civilians alike. Please pray for increased security for highly vulnerable Iraqi Christians and an end to violence and extremism across the country.  

SATURDAY 11th June

Praise God for the number of Iraqi Arab Christians – many from Muslim and even extremist backgrounds – who have come to Christ through gospel radio, evangelical witness and through a remarkable number of dreams and visions of Jesus. Please pray for leaders for the churches. Many church leaders have been forced to flee the country while others have died at the hands of extremists. In many cases, the Christian widows of church leaders have continued their husband's pastoral and discipleship work. (2 Corinthians 4:8-10)