Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes that help to address issues facing the different neighbourhoods in the areas where they broadcast. Solutions are suggested from a Christian perspective which helps to bring understanding among people of different faiths. From support on raising a family, to Bible stories, Iraq FM are building community and seeing many come to Christ as they share the transforming power of the gospel in people’s lives.

WEDNESDAY 1st December

After listening to broadcasts on Iraq FM, a number of listeners have been in touch with the team. Mena, Abeer, Fatima and Muhamad Nory all recently shared that they had decided to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Please pray for them by name today, asking God to protect and encourage them as they grow in their relationship with God.

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THURSDAY 2nd December

Please continue to pray for the political situation in Iraq. The situation remains unstable and dangerous, however the recent attempt on the Prime Minister’s life has created increasing challenges and a tense environment in the city. Pray for the months ahead, as decisions are made, and a new government is appointed. Ask for God’s wisdom and guidance for those involved. 

FRIDAY 3rd December

Give thanks for the great partnership the team has with two churches in the capital, providing support and a safe place of worship for those in the city. Pray that God will bless and strengthen these relationships and help them face the challenges ahead, encouraging each other as they continue to run the race together fixing their eyes on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:1)

SATURDAY 4th December

Salam and the team have a vision to open more radio stations around Iraq in key cities, many of which have seen instability and volatility. Please pray that God might bless these endeavours and make a way for the team to reach even greater numbers around the country with the Good News.

SUNDAY 5th December

Last month, three listeners were given Bibles to read the scriptures for themselves. Please pray for them as they read God’s word and discover His promises for them. Pray that the Spirit may guide them and for the team in Iraq, that they can stay in close communication, reading with them and supporting them in prayer and discipleship.

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MONDAY 6th December

Like many countries around the world, there are growing concerns in the Iraqi government as COVID-19 cases increase in midwinter. Please pray for protection over the team, and for Salam in particular, who is diabetic. He shares with us that ‘we trust in the Lord that all things are under His control, and He will protect us as He has in the last two years.’ We give thanks for God’s provision that has enabled the ministry to continue and flourish.

TUESDAY 7th December

Please pray for the station manager’s son JWD. He is currently in primary school but is struggling. He is finding speech, writing and numeracy difficult. Although he is well physically, the family are concerned about his ability to study and comprehend as well as to make friends. Please pray for God’s hand over JWD’s life, for friends to come alongside him, to bring joy and comfort. Ask God to bring peace to his parents’ hearts, as they support him to grow and develop.

WEDNESDAY 8th December

As a community station which talks about Jesus and his Kingdom, a period of time with no government in power could make the ministry at Iraq FM more dangerous for the team, especially as Shiite militias are now increasingly active and more powerful than ever. Please pray for the team and their families, that they will be able to make wise decisions and remain safe despite the volatility in the region.

THURSDAY 9th December

The team often receives messages on Facebook from people opposed to their work. A recent message said: ‘Why are you pushing people to know Christ? Why doesn’t the government stop you?!’ The team responded explaining, ‘it is a message of love, and this message is important for the Iraqi people.’ Ask that God continues to encourage the team despite opposition. Pray for those opposing the work of Iraq FM, that their ears will be open, and their hearts will be softened and turned to Jesus.

FRIDAY 10th December

As programmes such as ‘By my Voice’ offer Bible studies and the chance to discover scripture together, the team are also looking for ways to follow up and meet with believers in person. Please pray that more opportunities will open up, allowing them to meet and pray with those wanting to follow Jesus. Pray that God will bless these times and the team and those they visit may be encouraged knowing that where two or three are gathered in His name, there He is with them. (Matthew 18:20)  

SATURDAY 11th December

Salam recently shared that, “in the past two months, we have two listeners who accepted Christ and changed their lives. They are now communicating on the radio and in a way that supports our message. The radio team prayed for them, so that the Lord would protect them and use them for His glory.” Praise God and give thanks for those turning to Jesus and sharing their joy with the team at Iraq FM.