Indonesia is one country made up of over 13,000 islands. It’s also home to the largest Muslim population and the 4th most populous country in the world, with over 275 million people. In such a large country that stretches across thousands of remote islands, an astonishing number of people have had little chance of hearing the Gospel. With a growing number of stations sharing the Good News of Jesus, even greater numbers are hearing the gospel for the first time. The FEBC team also distributes thousands of radios each year to people who are unable to purchase their own.

SUNDAY 21st November

We give thanks for the testimonies shared by listeners each month, as they explain how God has been speaking to them through the daily radio Bible teaching.

MONDAY 22nd November

Please pray for the ongoing health and wellbeing of the team as they work together, planning, preparing and recording programmes for listeners across the country. Pray particularly for the annual meeting where the team will gather to plan, seeking God’s wisdom to make the best decisions for the year ahead.  

TUESDAY 23rd November

With many finding it difficult to attend church, or worship together, radio has offered teaching and worship to thousands, offering a light in the darkness and a blessing to those listening in. Please lift up those who are fearful, that they may hear the bible teaching programmes and find words of peace and comfort.

WEDNESDAY 24th November

As the Covid-19 challenges continue in Indonesia, the team would like to stay close to their listeners and show them God's love. Please pray for the webinar programmes that are taking place through this month and into next month. Ask God to bless the topics presented, including financial support to families coming out of the pandemic. May God’s spirit be on those speaking and preparing, as well as those listening.

THURSDAY 25th November

In response to growing need amongst families who have not yet received support from government, FEBC Indonesia established Yaski Care for Covid-19. The team are reaching out to those experiencing Covid-19, providing much needed support. Please pray as the team seek to ease the suffering of their listeners and bring hope in such difficult times.

FRIDAY 26th November

The radio broadcast, Yaski Care for Covid-19 airs every day. Please pray for the team as they prepare content for each programme and support families with food and vitamin packages, easing the burden many are facing as they recover. We give thanks that the number of Covid cases and deaths are decreasing, and for those who have recovered and are well today.

SATURDAY 27th November

Please pray for the team as they mourn the loss of Sammy, who was Director of FEBC Indonesia for 47 years, and who passed away following a battle with Covid-19. We thank God for his heart and his vision to serve those seeking Christ in Indonesia.

SUNDAY 28th November

Please pray for protection over the team who take a great risk in proclaiming their faith to others each day. Pray for strength and perseverance when they face opposition and continued courage and wisdom as they find new ways to reach listeners all over the country.

MONDAY 29th November

In cooperation with local churches, FEBC Indonesia has harnessed the broadcasting power of its radio network to organize weekly drive-in church services. Families are now coming together to worship, listen to a live message on the radio, and see each other, all the while remaining safely in their own vehicles. Please pray for these new initiatives as the team find ways to bring people together in challenging circumstances.  

TUESDAY 30th November

Please pray for the team as they prepare for the next month and the season of Advent. May their programming and broadcasts bring the precious Good News of Jesus as churches and fellowships prepare the world over in anticipation of the light that comes into the darkness. (Isaiah 9:2-7)

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.