Our partners serving in India work to reach diverse audiences including women, rural communities, and young people. Programmes are produced and delivered at grass roots level in the languages of those listening. As local Christians share the transformation Jesus brings, listeners are encouraged to make positive changes in their lives.

SUNDAY 6th March

We give thanks for new team members and growth for this ministry in India. Please pray for their training and development that they will feel confident and prepared as they join the team serving through First Response Radio. Ask that God guide, equip and enable them as they settle into these new roles and that they might strengthen and encourage the wider team as they share programmes across a wide and varied audience.  (Ephesians 4:11-13).

MONDAY 7th March

The team are hoping to continue travelling and meeting with listeners over the coming months. Please pray for their health and safety as they prepare and make plans. Ask that God protect them in this vital ministry as they connect with new believers and communities eager to grow in their faith and wrestle with difficult questions. May the Holy Spirit guide their answers and provide wisdom as they meet together.

TUESDAY 8th March

Like many churches throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they have had to adapt and find new ways to connect and serve their local congregations. The team share that most church services continue to take place online with communities gathering remotely to minimise the spread of the new Omicron variant. Please pray for the churches supporting the team in India, ask that God will bless their online gatherings and strengthen them during these difficult times. Pray for effective technology and protect them as they fellowship together.  


Please pray for the response teams taking calls and emails from listeners during and after programmes are broadcast. Pray that God will provide them with the right words and enable them to answer all the questions that come their way with wisdom and grace. Pray too for those calling the station, that they might hear God’s call to them and grow in their understanding of the gospel and what it means for them personally.  

THURSDAY 10th March

Lift up the plans that the team are working on at this time, plans for new programmes and production ideas. Ask that God will inspire them with creativity and help them create broadcasts that are relevant and engaging to those who are listening. Pray too that God will bless the team as they seek to produce community centred programmes that address the emotional and psychological needs faced by the local community in their day to day lives.

FRIDAY 11th March

The team ask us to pray specifically for their listeners at this time. Please pray for those facing hardship and challenge, for the callers who share that they are struggling financially and suffering with depression due to the economic crisis. Pray that the team can help them during this difficult time, and that the Word of God will bring hope and peace to those struggling today.   

SATURDAY 12th March

Please pray for all those involved in ministry through our partner in India, for the partners and their heart to serve locally and share the hope of Jesus in the heart language of those listening. Pray that they might be strengthened and emboldened as we give thanks for their ministry and call to serve in this way. May God help and bless them as they continue to reach out and work together for the gospel.