Feba India works to reach diverse audiences including women, rural communities and young people. Programmes are produced and delivered at grass roots level in the languages of those listening. As local Christians share the transformation Jesus brings, listeners are encouraged to make positive changes in their lives.

MONDAY 1st November

Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as the Feba India team plan and produce the programmes that will be aired in different places across India. Pray that the broadcasts will be relevant and that listeners will engage and want to hear more about God’s love for them.

TUESDAY 2nd November

The team prepare materials that are shared on various media platforms and used to connect with their listeners. Please pray that they continue to work effectively to reach listeners and that even more will hear the Good News of Jesus through them. Pray particularly for new initiatives being shared on podcasts, through Facebook and Feba India’s YouTube channel. Pray that God will bless them and cause them to grow.

WEDNESDAY 3rd November

Please pray for the response teams who engage in active listening with those who contact Feba India. Pray that they are encouraged and strengthened to demonstrate empathy, comfort and gentleness as many listeners reach out with life’s hard and challenging questions. Please pray also that they can find appropriate and creative ways to respond with words of truth and life.

THURSDAY 4th November

As programmes filled with the ways Jesus can transform lives are aired, do please pray for positive change in the lives of those who listen and respond to the broadcasts. Pray for hope, dignity and healing for those who are in pain, struggling, or facing violence and abuse; that they might be made whole in Christ.

FRIDAY 5th November

The Feba India team give thanks for the prayer and support they receive from near and far. Please pray for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the Feba India teams today. Pray for their safety and protection from all diseases and accidents.

SATURDAY 6th November

Please pray for the families who are facing financial stress, particularly following the impact of Covid-19 on the country over the past 18 months. Pray especially for those experiencing anxiety, desperation and depression. May they be comforted and find peace during these difficult times.