Feba UK is a 'resource field' supporting vital radio and audio media mission across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. As well as prayer support from a growing number of individuals and churches, the UK and other western countries are providing technical support and funding for many of the day-to-day aspects of this ongoing ministry.

SUNDAY 25th October 

We give thanks for the life of Feba's co-founder John Wheatley who died last month. Together with the late Douglas Malton, John was a pioneer of Feba radio ministry; which since 1959 has shared the good news of Jesus with some of the hardest to reach people across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. As we give thanks for John's life of faithful service, please pray for his wife Donna and children Richard, Diane and Jean.

MONDAY 26th October    

Feba is indebted to its loyal supporters, many of whom have faithfully prayed and supported this mission for decades. The team at Feba UK is extremely grateful for the way supporters have continued to pray and give generously during the upheavals caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please pray for more doors to open to share about the work of Feba UK and encourage others to support this unique ministry.

TUESDAY 27th October    

Feba UK is very privileged to have over 200 Associates who support the ministry as members of the charity. Collectively they choose who sits on Feba’s board of trustees and vote on key decisions. As we give thanks, please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as they help to steer the organisation in ways that will continue to spread the gospel.

WEDNESDAY 28th October

Please pray for all of Feba UK’s board of trustees who oversee Feba’s ministry. We praise God for their dedicated service and for the many and varied skills and abilities they are able to bring to matters of governance, especially while addressing unexpected issues that have arisen in these in these extraordinary times.

THURSDAY 29th October 

While the sale of Feba’s office, Skywaves House, is still ongoing, please pray that the sale may go through without any further delays or setbacks. Please remember all the UK office staff who are mostly working remotely from home.

FRIDAY 30th October  

Feba’s ministry portfolio is reviewed often, but changes are only made after much prayer and consultation with our partners. Please pray that the team will make wise decisions, seeking always the advance of God’s kingdom.

SATURDAY 31st October 

We thank God for the opportunity to pray online together with our partners in the mission field on the first Wednesday evening of every month. Please pray for our staff and partners who are leading these special times of prayer and worship. May God use these times to strengthen our fellowship and learn more about how Feba is committed to the creative use of radio and other audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.