FEBC Russia and Ukraine co-ordinate a wide-ranging group of projects. These ministries seek to communicate the gospel by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ through multiple platforms including radio stations, internet and via social media.

SUNDAY 7th February  

Please pray for the central studio in Kyiv to be completed and operational by the end of February. This new studio, located in the heart of Ukraine's capital, will help the team create more programmes that will reach millions more people with the good news of Jesus in Ukraine and even further afield.

MONDAY 8th February  

We thank God for FEBC Ukraine’s partnerships with local churches. The team is working closer than ever with many churches in Ukraine, helping them with online outreach and church services. Please pray for those who are making plans to develop both existing and new church partnerships once the pandemic is over.

TUESDAY 9th February  

Pray for the listener clubs organised by the popular morning presenter, Inna Tsaruk. Please pray especially for Inna as she travels from Kyiv to different cities in Ukraine to build up these clubs. While more than half of the club members are often not Christians, many are being drawn to attend church through fellowshipping with believers in the clubs.

WEDNESDAY 10th February  

Please pray for listeners like Alina who live close to the underreported front line of the ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine in on the eastern border. Alina says, “I never thought Ukraine could be in a situation like this. I don’t know what the future will look like and I am afraid.” Please pray for an end to the hostilities and for those like Alina who are suffering so much hardship and fear at this time.

THURSDAY 11th February  

FEBC's counselling helpline opened in Ukraine in early 2020. Praise God for the record number of enquiries and conversions that have come as a direct result of people calling the helpline. Please pray for all those who have been connected with a local church through this ministry. As the helpline is now also available to listeners in Russia, please pray for the Ukrainian counsellors as they are having to adapt quickly to meet a rapid increase in demand for their services.

FRIDAY 12th February  

Please pray for FEBC’s radio stations that broadcast to the rebel-controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk. The teams are proclaiming messages of God's love and care for all Ukrainians, while being careful to remain non-partisan. Pray for all those who are responding to programmes from these troubled areas.

SATURDAY 13th February  

FEBC Ukraine has a goal to engage with ten percent of Ukrainians by 2030 by personally inviting them to attend a local church. Please pray for the team as they continue to recruit a growing team of volunteers to help fulfil this vision. Also, please remember FEBC Ukraine’s leadership team including Eduard, Maxim, Nina, and Victor. Pray for God to give them wisdom and bless them in every area of their lives.