Feba UK is one of 26 field offices which make up FEBC International. Collectively FEBC broadcast in 124 languages, in 50 countries around the world, aired from 149 stations, totalling 842 hours of programming a day, 365 days a year.

SUNDAY 23rd August  

 Vietnam: Please pray for persecuted believers in Vietnam; many who practice ancestor worship know there is something different about believers. Pray for courage as they face oppression for sharing the hope they have in Jesus.  

MONDAY 24th August  

Kyrgyzstan: Pray for Ulanbek and his team, continuing to minister in the face of increasingly difficult circumstances in their country, where the health system is struggling to cope with the pandemic. The team are continuing with live broadcasts, sharing health messaging as well as talking about the importance of prayer in such difficult times: they say that they are “…speaking of faith and hope in the Lord Jesus - communicating life, true life in Christ.”

TUESDAY 25th August  

Philippines: FEBC Philippines operates 13 stations. Please pray for the dedicated staff who took turns recently to live in their Manila offices for two weeks at a time to share 24/7 health updates on COVID-19. The team continues to broadcast biblically-based messages to bring hope and comfort to listeners as they grapple with the pandemic. Praise God for their ongoing commitment to the people of the Philippines.

WEDNESDAY 26th August 

Thailand: Please pray for FEBC Thailand listeners who are enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Course. Ask the Lord to encourage them and help them grow in their faith as they study His Word. 

THURSDAY 27th August 

Middle East: Pray for the broadcasts that reach Christians in the Middle East. Many of these Christians have to meet secretly in underground churches to worship. Pray that the words they hear will sustain their hearts and increase their faith in Jesus.

FRIDAY 28th August 

Russia: A listener from Russia writes: “I used to listen to you on the radio, but then I found you on social media. I always learn a lot from your programmes. I once prayed to Allah, but now I pray to your Jesus. In Islam, Jesus is a great prophet. But as I began to pray to Him, I feel like He is not just a great prophet, He saves us from our sins.” Pray that this listener will continue to grow in his understanding of who Jesus is and be a witness to others. 

SATURDAY 29th August 

China: Praise God for over 40,000 students who have installed the phone app to take part in classes with Liangyou Theological Seminary (the online biblical training ministry of FEBC China Ministries) since February 2020. Pray that this ministry will continue to bear fruit in many lives and be a powerful witness of God’s love across this nation.

SUNDAY 30th August  

Pakistan: Pray for the church in Pakistan that relies on FEBC’s teaching to communicate God’s Word. Pray for Christians to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith as they hear God’s Word and respond to His call to go and be His witnesses in a country where there is great hostility to the good news of Jesus. 

MONDAY 31st August  

Cambodia: FEBC Cambodia’s FM station produces live broadcasts to attract new listeners and spread the gospel in remote areas of the country. Pray that many will discover the love of Jesus through these live events, especially now that the lockdown has ended.