Feba UK is just one of 26 offices which make up FEBC International. As a community of God’s people across the world each FEBC ministry field is committed to the same Aims, Beliefs, and Working Principles: to collectively communicate the good news through radio and other audio media, to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY 16th February

Japan: Less than one per cent of the population in Japan professes to be Christian. Our partners are the only organisation producing Christian radio programmes in the country. Every evening, 75 minutes of Gospel radio programmes for Japanese listeners are broadcast from FEBC’s AM station in South Korea. Please pray for receptive hearts among Japanese listeners who might be coming across these programmes for the first time while searching for stations on their radio.

MONDAY 17th February

Thailand: “To be Thai is to be Buddhist” is a well-known saying in Thailand, but that does not deter our FEBC staff from faithfully sharing about Christ on the radio, Internet and on face-to-face visits. Please pray for the team as they engage with listeners and offer a popular Bible Correspondence course. Praise God for the listener who wrote recently: “I admit I’m a sinner and I asked Jesus Christ to be my Saviour and change my behaviour. He changed me from being a selfish person with a resentful heart into a forgiven individual. I have found joy in my new life in Jesus.”

TUESDAY 18th February

Moldova: Last year our Russian language programmes began airing on seven radio stations in Moldova, as most Moldovans speak Russian. Please pray that thousands will hear the good news through these programmes and choose to respond to God’s amazing grace!

WEDNESDAY 19th February

Russia: Following the forced closure of our radio stations in St. Petersburg and Moscow, our team in Russia began offering programmes online and through phone apps. But now it’s feared that legislation will soon be implemented restricting religious information online. While FEBC Russia has been preparing for this, please pray for God’s direction and the freedom to keep broadcasting the gospel unhindered in this part of the world.

THURSDAY 20th February

Cambodia: Please pray for all those who attended the Franklin Graham Rally held in Cambodia last December. FEBC broadcast live from the event and distributed over 700 pre-tuned radios to those eager to hear our daily programmes. Pray that many will turn to Jesus and grow in their faith as they listen to FEBC broadcasts and encourage others to join them.

FRIDAY 21st February

South Korea: Please join with FEBC’s ministry team in South Korea who are faithfully praying for the unification of North and South Korea. They have an exciting vision for specific cities in North Korea where FEBC could establish radio stations. Please pray that the chains that have bound North Korea and prevented the spread of the gospel will be broken in Jesus’ Name.

SATURDAY 22nd February

Philippines: Around half the population in the Philippines is under the age of 24. Please pray for guidance on how to reach these young adults with the good news of Jesus through the various technologies they most often use.