FEBC Eurasia shares the Good News of Jesus across Ukraine and Russia. Radio and media projects run in areas such as eastern Ukraine where the underreported Russo-Ukrainian War continues until this day, and with other communities who are yet to respond to the invitation to follow Jesus.

TUESDAY 1st September   

Please ask God to heal Natalia, FEBC-Ukraine's telephone counsellor who was hospitalised with Covid-19 in late August. Natalia is the widow of Viktor Bradarsky, a local church leader and FEBC broadcaster who was targeted and killed in 2014 in the under-reported ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War.

WEDNESDAY 2nd September

Please pray for the people in Eastern Ukraine who are still suffering the after-effects of severe forest fires that broke out in early July. Many have lost everything including their homes and businesses. FEBC volunteers are ministering and praying for the people as well as distributing radios, which has resulted in many new listeners.

THURSDAY 3rd September

Please pray for FEBC broadcasters and counsellors Alex and Nadia Pastushak, a husband-and-wife team living in Chernivtsy, Western Ukraine. They minister to dozens of individual listeners every week, leading many to Christ. Ask for God’s blessing and protection as they anticipate the arrival of their second child.

FRIDAY 4th September 

A listener called Alla said recently, “I try to find peace, but it never lasts. As I was listening to one of your programmes about how we can be changed, I had tears in my eyes. Your words pierced me right in the heart.” As FEBC’s counsellors prayed with Alla for peace, she turned to Jesus and accepted him into her heart. “I feel peaceful at last, thank you”, she said. Please pray for the many listeners who are receiving prayer and turning to Christ through FEBC’s helpline in Ukraine, which receives an average of 60 calls a day.

SATURDAY 4th September

FEBC-Ukraine's new station launch in the city of Kremenchuk is scheduled to take place at the end of September. Pray that this new station will reach thousands of people. Also, please pray for the leadership team of FEBC Ukraine: Victor, Eduard, Maxim, Sergey, and Igor. Ask God to protect and bless their families, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.