Feba’s global family is represented by the FEBC International Association (FEBC Int’l). The Association incorporates all the individual Feba and FEBC organisations – including both ministry and support offices. FEBC Int’l incorporates 26 independent ministry fields working alongside one another to communicate the good news through radio and other audio media, to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY 8th December

On this second Sunday in Advent we pray for peace and protection for Christians facing persecution. In Vietnam, many Christians are marginalised for their faith, especially ethnic believers who stand out as different from other villagers who practice ancestral worship. Please pray that FEBC’s broadcasts in their heart language will be an encouragement and help them grow in their faith.  

MONDAY 9th December

Please pray for the Lord’s continued guidance and provision as plans are moving ahead to build a new, very powerful AM radio station that will reach the whole of North Korea with the gospel. Please pray for God’s protection over everyone involved in this exciting, ground-breaking project.

TUESDAY 10th December

Praise God for the many listener groups that are forming in Malawi where FEBC’s broadcasts are opening the eyes of many Muslims to the good news of Jesus. Please pray that the team can expand their shortwave broadcasting in these often remote and hard-to-reach areas so that many more will hear the gospel and have an opportunity to put their faith and trust in Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 11th December

For over 32 years, FEBC’s Khmu-language shortwave broadcasts have ministered to Khmu listeners in Southeast Asia. We praise God that reports show the Khmu Christian population has grown more than tenfold since those early broadcasts. Please pray that the gospel will continue to spread and impact the lives of many more in Khmu communities across this region.  

THURSDAY 12th December

We thank God for the provision of three new radio stations that have opened in Mongolia in the past year. FEBC programmes are now heard on 13 radio stations across this country. Please pray that many unreached people will get to know Jesus through these programmes. Pray for the programme producers that God would give them wisdom and creativity to engage with their audiences.

FRIDAY 13th December

Half the population in the Philippines is under the age of 24. Please pray for guidance on how best to reach these young people with the good news of Jesus through the various technology and social media platforms they use most often.

SATURDAY 14th December

Please pray for FEBC staff, volunteers and their families serving around the world. Ask God to nurture and protect their mental, physical and spiritual health. Pray they will continue to lean on God and be sensitive to His leading and direction.