Feba UK works with partners and communities across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to transform lives using life-giving media. As followers of Jesus, we believe that media can be used to bring hope and change to communities in need.

If your Prayer Focus notes are yet to arrive in the post, you can find the full month's materials available to download here.

SUNDAY 19th April 

Feba’s church partners play a vitally important role in our work. We give thanks for Feba’s supporter churches, missions groups, and members of congregations in churches across the UK, especially at a time when churches have been unable to meet as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Feba’s ministry is fuelled by grace, and churches praying for us is key to that. Please pray as we look to engage more with churches and develop new special links with key contacts in the coming months.

MONDAY 20th April 

We give thanks for Lea Stavrou who has recently joined Feba’s UK team as an ‘Executive Assistant’ to replace Debbie Uren who has moved on to serve a different mission. Please pray they will settle quickly in their respective roles and their network of relationships – both internally and externally – would develop well.

TUESDAY 21st April 

After many months on the property market, Feba’s UK office, Skywaves House now has a buyer. Please continue to pray for the sale process and for God’s leading as we seek a new home. We give thanks for God’s provision of Skywaves House and the way it has served Feba’s ministry for over 30 years. Please pray that all the practical details would be clearly thought-through and managed well.

WEDNESDAY 22nd April 

The Board of Trustees carry a great deal of responsibility for the oversight of Feba’s ministry. We give thanks for their dedicated service and for the various complementary skills and abilities they bring to bear on all sorts of governance matters. Please pray they would govern wisely, particularly in light of all the challenges we now face as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus across the world.

THURSDAY 23rd April 

The shape of Feba’s ministry portfolio is reviewed often, but changes are not made lightly. As we continue to explore how our relationship with the FEBC International Association and other partners should evolve, please pray that we would make wise decisions about the projects we support directly, seeking always the advance of God’s kingdom and His glory. There is always great need or opportunity for ministry that we can resource, and we seek to invest well in impactful work.

FRIDAY 24th April

Please pray for Sheila Leech, Feba UK’s Head of International Ministry as she continues to play a key role in supporting and advising partners during the coronavirus outbreak. As well as ensuring partners are being responsible and accurate in all their reporting, she is helping to give clear guidance and resources on how to prevent the virus spreading, especially in vulnerable, isolated communities.

SATURDAY 25th April 

Please remember Bob Chambers, Feba’s CEO, who would have been travelling to London today in readiness to run the London Marathon for Feba tomorrow. Owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the marathon has now been postponed to 4th October 2020… but he is still hoping to run the distance locally and alone this weekend! Please see his blog on Feba's website for updates. We thank you Lord for Bob, and all Feba supporters who put in the hours to raise funds for Feba’s mission - to share your Son’s Good News in some of the hardest to reach places in our world.