Our partner radio station in Egypt - Voice of Egypt* - engages with urban young people, sharing the good news of Jesus and promoting community cohesion.  The station speaks about everyday issues that young people encounter in Egypt’s towns and cities. The team offers solutions from a Christian perspective - sharing the Good News of Jesus and promoting community cohesion with listeners from a range of religious and political backgrounds.

SUNDAY 16th January

The team at Voice of Egypt are young, and many are students who volunteer their spare time and evenings to make programmes and follow up with listeners. Andrew, one of the team members, shared that he would like for prayer for continued spiritual growth in his life as he seeks to be useful and serve alongside the team in this valuable ministry. Please pray for Andrew, and the team, as they grow in their faith. Pray that they will be encouraged and strengthened as they share their testimonies with listeners.

MONDAY 17th January

We were recently told about a listener named Ma* who is being supported by Andrew. Lift them both up in prayer today as Ma opens up to the team and asks questions about faith and Christianity. Please pray that Andrew might have discernment and sensitivity as he responds and seeks to faithfully engage with Ma. May God bless their conversation and bring Ma into a relationship with Him.

TUESDAY 18th January

The Voice of Egypt ministry is very dependent on technology. Please pray for the smooth running of all equipment, a good internet signal, smooth Wi-Fi and phone service, so that the team can communicate the message of hope and Good News without interruption. M is one of the team members who handles much of the technology for the internet radio and follow up. Please pray for M, that despite the pressure and challenges he faces while doing his work, that he can keep his eyes fixed on the Lord.  Hebrews 12:1-3.

WEDNESDAY 19th January

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to affect all areas of life in Egypt. Please pray for the protection of staff in the midst of the pandemic and the impact it has across communities. Wal*, a regular listener, has reached out to the station and is now being supported through follow up by a member of the team, Toto*. Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom in their conversations as they discuss and share what it means to be a Christian. Ask for God’s Holy Spirit to enable Toto to answer faithfully and support Wal as they discover more about God and his love for them.

THURSDAY 20th January

With technology playing such an integral part in Voice of Egypt’s ministry, please pray as the team look to develop the design and content of its digital media. Pray that its Facebook page might reach an even greater number of people, and that listeners from around the country will be drawn to the content they are sharing and engage with the team through it. As they prayerfully consider what to communicate, ask that God might enable them to build a strong and positive community with their listeners, between each other and with the team at Voice of Egypt.

FRIDAY 21st January 

The team have shared a request for prayer for new team members. Due to the cultural challenges and expectations that women and men cannot spend time together or offer support, the team especially need more male volunteers to come forward. Pray that God will touch the hearts of young men who will be willing and capable to serve on the team. Pray over the relationships, that they may be deepened and strengthened as they serve together.

SATURDAY 22nd January

Please pray today for Rita*, one of the Voice of Egypt team. Ask that God will encourage and restore her over the coming days as she serves the team and listeners. The work can be hard and exhausting, with listeners not responding to follow up conversations or pushing back as the team share with them. Pray that God will draw near to Rita and all those supporting and following up with listeners today, that they might be comforted, encouraged and refreshed by his Holy Spirit.