Voice of Egypt* speaks about everyday issues that young people encounter in Egypt’s towns and cities. The team offers solutions from a Christian perspective while sharing the good news of Jesus and promoting community cohesion with listeners from a range of religious and political backgrounds.

SUNDAY 10th January  

Tina*, a member of the Voice of Egypt follow-up team, is thankful to God that Mahmoud* has renewed contact with her after closing his Facebook account for a long time and appearing to reject the Christian faith. Tina has asked for prayer that God will lead her in conversation with Mahmoud, and that his eyes will open to faith in Christ. 

MONDAY 11th January  

Please pray for listener, Halim* that the Lord will touch his heart and open his eyes to the truth of the gospel. Tina is currently talking with him most weeks and discussing key points about Christianity, the Bible, and the message of Christ. Ask God to speak through her by the power of the Holy Spirit so that Halim may come to put his trust in Christ.

TUESDAY 12th January   

Another team member involved in follow-up with Voice of Egypt. Please pray for the Lord's wisdom and discernment as he continues to talk with three friends – Tarek, Farid and Khalid – via Voice of Egypt’s Facebook account.

WEDNESDAY 13th January 

Please pray for Nancy* on the follow-up team who is currently reaching out to a man who comes from a religious family. Please pray for a softening of his heart and a willingness to engage more openly in discussion with Nancy and the team at Voice of Egypt.

THURSDAY 14th January 

Praise God that listener, Ezz is trusting Rita* on the follow-up team and showing he is open to talk with her more through social media. Pray that these conversations will continue to be fruitful in sharing the good news of Jesus.

FRIDAY 15th January  

Please pray for all those working on the technical side of Voice of Egypt as they endeavour to maintain the highest level of service while streaming broadcasts from their homes. One of the two devices that streams programmes is currently undergoing repairs, and while they await replacement parts, the station staff are having to be innovative to maintain a seamless radio service.  

SATURDAY 16th January 

We thank God for Voice of Egypt team member, Michael* who is following up O and S. Michael has asked us to prayer for O because he is facing major difficulties at work, while S is feeling under pressure with his university studies. Please also pray for Michael as he tries to balance his time studying with working at Voice of Egypt.

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or programmes have been changed or omitted.