Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues that young people encounter in Egypt’s towns and cities. The team offers solutions from a Christian perspective while sharing the good news of Jesus and promoting community cohesion with listeners from a range of religious and political backgrounds.

SATURDAY 1st August  

Please pray for good health and protection from Covid-19 among team members working for *Voice of Egypt. A number of close relatives and family members have been suffering with the virus recently. Pray they will make a full recovery and the work of spreading the gospel will continue unhindered.

SUNDAY 2nd August  

*Voice of Egypt has created an app to make it easier for listeners to engage and interact with programmes on their mobile phone. The team is currently immersed in updating and improving the app. Please pray they will quickly overcome any complex technical issues that might arise.

MONDAY 3rd August  

Thank God for the ‘close contacts’ – a trusted group of nearly 60 listeners – who have expressed an interest in making contact with other Christians, especially those who have felt even more isolated and lacking fellowship during the recent lockdown.

TUESDAY 4th August  

A listener called Nour has asked for prayer following a nasty fall which has left him with a badly broken leg. Please pray his leg will heal quickly and that he will use this opportunity to witness to God’s goodness and faithfulness among his family and friends.

WEDNESDAY 5th August 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team has been developing several new ways to produce and broadcast live and recorded programmes via Skype and Facebook Messenger. Please pray for wisdom and patience as the team are currently trying to resolve a number of technical challenges which are affecting transmission quality.

THURSDAY 6th August 

Please pray for Fa, Am, Hish, Zo and Zak who all listen regularly and actively to programmes on *Voice of Egypt. Ask God to open their hearts to be responsive when hearing the good news of Jesus and be inspired to follow him.

FRIDAY 7th August 

As a nation that depends on the tourism industry, please pray for the millions of Egyptians who have lost their livelihoods in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that many will be led by God’s Spirit to tune in to *Voice of Egypt and hear words of comfort and hope that will give them courage to face the challenges ahead with confidence and peace.

SATURDAY 8th August 

Please pray for Egypt’s leaders and all those working in the health care system as they struggle to cope with the pressures caused by the spread of the coronavirus. With a population of over 100 million, the World Health Organisation, along with many Egyptian doctors are concerned the number of infected people is much higher than official figures suggest.