Since 1949, FEBC China’s Radio Liangyou has been broadcasting gospel messages from stations in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Korea. Working within an increasingly hostile environment to the good news of Jesus, FEBC China’s broadcasts are helping the rapidly growing church in China to flourish.

SUNDAY 21st March   

All FEBC/Feba broadcasting aims to share the good news in ways that listeners will be able to understand and easily relate to in their native heart language. Please pray for creativity and innovation for all Feba's broadcasting partners located in Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, and the USA who are dedicated to bringing the gospel to people in China.

MONDAY 22nd March   

Please pray for the Portable Missionaries project that is distributing micro SD cards throughout China. The cards slot into mobile phones and enable the user to listen to over 70 hours of FEBC China’s Putonghua programmes covering anything from workplace issues and mental health to marriage and family life. Pray that these cards will continue to enable the gospel to be spread throughout China and beyond.

TUESDAY 23rd March

Praise God for this testimony: “My university roommate was a Radio Liangyou listener, and we listened to the programmes together. I didn’t believe God existed and did not think about religion carefully until going to university. Over time the truth was compelling. I had no excuse but to admit there was a God and repented wholeheartedly in 2002. Thanks in no small part to the fellowship I had with my roommate, Radio Liangyou, and above all you Jesus! Thank you Lord”. Please pray for this believer and others who have come to faith while listening to Radio Liangyou.

WEDNESDAY 24th March 

The Chinese state’s process of ‘sinicisation’, forcing churches and mission agencies to teach an approved version of the faith, is continuing across the country. Please keep praying for the 1.4 billion people in China that they will be able to hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ without any further interference from the Chinese state.

THURSDAY 25th March 

Please pray for the team at FEBC China’s Liangyou Radio who continue to broadcast vital health updates on air about the coronavirus. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide them as they pray for listeners on air and share words of comfort, healing and peace from the Bible.

FRIDAY 26th March 

Please pray that God will use the radio and various online channels to bring the gospel to life with listeners who are hungry to hear His Word. Pray for Christians facing persecution and isolation, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. May they find encouragement, fellowship and support from listening to programmes broadcast by FEBC China.

SATURDAY 27th March 

We thank God for Soooradio – a new ministry serving Cantonese-speaking people in Hong Kong. With support from professional broadcasters and local churches, the team is helping to train young people in programme production so they can reach their generation with the gospel. Pray that many young people will become missionaries on the airwaves through this exciting initiative.

SUNDAY 28th March   

FEBC has been broadcasting into mainland China from Hong Kong for over 70 years. As government restrictions continue to increase, please ask God for guidance on how best to reach the people of China with the good news in these turbulent and uncertain times.

MONDAY 29th March   

Praise God for the ways He is using FEBC broadcasts to reach the people of China. Broadcasts to people in Hong Kong are currently in great demand, and the number of programme downloads has doubled compared to a year ago. Please pray for all those who are seeking God and searching for meaning in their lives at this time (Matthew 7:7).

TUESDAY 30th March

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions placed on churches meeting together, the team at FEBC China are very concerned about ongoing pastoral support and training in China. The team is focusing on 5P's – People, Programmes, Platform, Promotion and Partnership. Please pray for opportunities in the coming months to integrate the 5P's into every aspect of FEBC's ministry in China.

WEDNESDAY 31st March 

FEBC China has launched a new podcast ministry, BreakPod, recently. Praise God that a recent podcast, Like the Way You Are received a very positive response. Radio Liangyou’s programme, Gimme Five, broadcast live online every Monday to Friday afternoon, is also generating much interest and interaction with young audiences. Please pray for our young presenters as they reach out to new audiences with the good news of Jesus.