Serving a Central Asian tribal group, our partner project is broadcasting culturally relevant programmes addressing topics such as family, health, evangelism and discipleship. In a region that is predominantly Muslim, engaging with Christians is dangerous. Nonetheless, listeners are contacting our ministry partner every day to ask more about the good news of Jesus.

SUNDAY 13th June

Members of the team feel particularly vulnerable when they travel each day between home and work. In every neighbourhood, people are constantly observing the comings and goings of their neighbours and then informing the authorities if they suspect anyone of doing anything the state would not sanction. Please pray that in the midst of this culture of fear and mistrust, God's love would breakthrough and transform individual lives and communities.

MONDAY 14th June

COVID-19 is rampant in the area and hospitals are stretched to capacity. One of the producers watched nine people die around him in hospital while he cared for a relative suffering with COVID-19. Praise God, the relative has since recovered and the producer has remained free of the virus. Please pray for the health and well-being of every team member and their families

TUESDAY 15th June

With little opportunity for fellowship with other believers outside of work, please pray that the production team will be able to draw spiritual strength and encourage each other in their faith through the programmes they are producing. The leaders of our partner project would love to arrange a family camp for the team this year, especially as this had to be postponed last year because of the pandemic.  


Plans to expand programme production were put on hold last year due to the pandemic. This year the team has been actively seeking and praying for believers who would be suitable and willing to help produce material for radio and other associated media. Please pray that a forthcoming trip can go ahead to two locations to see if they can identify believers who would be willing to work with our partner project and help to lead many more people to faith in Christ.  

THURSDAY 17th June

The follow-up team consists of two men and a woman who are constantly connecting with new listeners and engaging with those in regular contact with the station. They often hear tragic stories of personal and family suffering. They are also at the sharp end of abuse from those who are angry and oppose the Christian content in the broadcasts. Please pray that God will guide them with relevant truths from the Bible and exactly the right words to say to each caller. 

FRIDAY 18th June

The current follow-up team receives more calls than they are able to answer. There is an urgent need to expand the team, but this requires a very special type of person who is not only a believer but who also knows the Bible and has a heart of compassion for his/her own people. Please pray that God will send people who will be willing and able to disciple seekers and believers over the phone and meet face-to-face when safe to do so.  

SATURDAY 19th June

Among the listeners are Persons of Peace (POP). These are men and some women, seekers and believers, who are responding positively to the discipleship content of the radio programmes. Pray that they will be able to connect regularly over the phone for times of one-to-one fellowship with the follow-up workers, and that the Holy Spirit will meet with each of these POPs in a tangible way, opening their understanding to Bible truths. The team is longing for these POPs to connect with other believers so they can form home fellowship groups. 

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or programmes have been changed or omitted.