This week we will be praying for a project focused on reaching a Central Asian tribal group. Serving this hard-to-reach group, our partner project is broadcasting culturally relevant programmes addressing topics such as family, health, evangelism and discipleship. In a region that is predominantly Muslim, engaging with Christians is dangerous. Nonetheless, listeners are contacting our ministry partner every day to ask more about the good news of Jesus.    

SUNDAY 12th March

The region in Central Asia where Feba's partners are based is facing worsening economic conditions with hyperinflation. The majority of the population is now living below the poverty line. Many listeners are in despair at not being able to find work to support their family or even afford batteries for their radios. Please pray for God's help and hope in the midst of all this turmoil. Psalm 71:5-6

MONDAY 13th March

Local militants have recently increased their control in areas where many listeners in the Central Asian tribal group are living. Feba's partners have asked for urgent prayer, particularly that believers would not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:19-21

TUESDAY 14th March

The new wave of terrorism in the region is particularly aimed at targeting schools and other educational institutions. Intimidation and threats have been issued against educational institutions, even in the capital city. Please pray for God's protection and peace over the children, teachers and other staff.

WEDNESDAY 15th March

Please pray for the women who are constantly fighting for their basic rights in the region, including access to education, work or travel. Pray that their voices would be heard and that their battles against injustice and discrimination would not be in vain. Proverbs 31:8-9

THURSDAY 16th March

Climate change has radically impacted the area in recent months. More than 100 people, along with many animals, have died in this region as a result of the severe cold weather and snow. With a lack of basic resources making the situation even harder, please pray for an outpouring of generosity and support to help these people in this time of great need. 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

FRIDAY 17th March

The follow-up team has requested prayer for wisdom and grace in all their responses with listeners. It's also vital to find the right time to talk when listeners are unlikely to be distracted or interrupted. Please pray for the 'Divine appointments' that take place each day face-to-face, online or over the phone.

SATURDAY 18th March

Every person working on the project has family members who are facing challenging circumstances at the moment. Please pray for God's peace in their home situations and among extended family. In addition, the production team needs prayers for safety, particularly as their movements are often monitored as they travel to and from work. Psalm 91:1-6