Serving a Central Asian people group, our partner project is broadcasting culturally relevant programmes addressing topics such as family, health, evangelism and discipleship. In a region that is predominantly Muslim, engaging with Christians is often dangerous. Despite the risk of persecution and severe penalties for sharing the Christian faith, we praise God that listeners are making contact with our partner every day to ask more about the good news of Jesus.

SUNDAY 1st March 

Praise God for the extra 15 minutes of broadcast time that started at the end of 2019. With this window of opportunity, our partner is engaging with new listeners and receiving more calls. Please pray for an uninterrupted radio signal and good mobile reception for the follow-up calls.

MONDAY 2nd March 

More airtime requires more programmes from our dedicated production team, which is already working at full capacity. Pray for fresh inspiration, wisdom, joy, steadfastness and courage as they record and edit dramas expressing kingdom values while targeting social issues. Ask God to open hearts and minds to the teaching series the team is producing to explain God’s Word.

TUESDAY 3rd March 

Our partner plans to start a second production team in 2020. This is a complicated process as it involves finding the right people in the right location and then providing the training they need to begin work. Please pray that everything will come together so the team can increase both the output and the types of programmes produced.  


Please pray for the male follow-up worker on the team. He makes over a hundred calls each week and talks with many people about things that are on their hearts. While he often receives verbal threats, he also has the joy of walking alongside callers as they come to know Jesus.

THURSDAY 5th March

Pray for the mentoring conversations the male follow-up worker is having with men who want to go deeper in their relationship with God. The male follow-up worker has the privilege of spending extended times with them, both singly and in groups, where deep relationships with God and each other are developing. Please pray for God’s protection over these special times and that nothing would stop them from sharing openly together.

FRIDAY 6th March

On this Women’s World Day of Prayer, please pray especially for the female follow-up worker on the team. As she talks and prays with the women who call the radio station, she is often asked for advice about family sicknesses, problems with raising children, money, and many other challenging issues. Pray for courage, wisdom and patience as she shares truths from the Bible and shares how Jesus has transformed her life, and that he will do the same for them if they let him.

SATURDAY 7th March

Listeners in Central Asia call from areas that are violent and unsettled. They are aware of constant surveillance as listening to programmes with Christian content and calling the station are strongly discouraged and carry risks. Please pray that listeners will be kept safe and able to listen in peace, make secure phone calls, and share with others what they are discovering about Jesus without fear.