Serving a Central Asian tribal group, our partner project is broadcasting culturally relevant programmes addressing topics such as family, health, evangelism and discipleship. In a region that is predominantly Muslim, engaging with Christians is dangerous. Nonetheless, listeners are contacting our ministry partner every day to ask more about the good news of Jesus.

MONDAY 1st March   

Please pray for the safety and security of the production team. As committed Christians they are different to their neighbours, which can arouse both curiosity and suspicion. Pray that their lives and actions will speak of Jesus when they interact with others in the tribal group (Matthew 25:40).

TUESDAY 2nd March

Whether the team is working on new radio programmes addressing social issues or presenting God's Word more directly, their goal is to share the good news of Jesus and see lives transformed in His Name. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire the team with fresh ideas and particularly songs that will engage with listeners and encourage them to ask questions about how they can follow Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 3rd March 

The radio station has three follow-up workers who are in regular contact with hundreds of listeners. Please ask God to speak through the follow-up workers with compassion and godly wisdom to all those who call in response to the radio programmes.

THURSDAY 4th March 

One of the listeners is experiencing persecution from people in the tribal group. Jesus has transformed his life, which has attracted negative attention. This believer has had to leave his home, and he may be forced to resettle in another place. Please pray for his protection and ask God to speak into the hearts of his persecutors who seem intent on doing him verbal and physical harm.

FRIDAY 5th March 

The team is aware of several small groups of two or three individuals who are gathering together to listen to the radio. Please pray for these groups that they will be kept safe and grow in their faith as they listen to God's Word. The weekly radio programmes include Discovery Bible Study, and church-in-the-home type messages which are proving highly effective in discipling new Christians.

SATURDAY 6th March 

Please pray for the plans to have an additional production team in place by June and producing programmes by the end of 2021. The goal is to increase broadcast time from 45 minutes to one hour, and increase the number of dialects they are broadcasting in from two to three.