Our ministry partner in Central Asia runs several ministries including an online streaming service in an environment that is hostile to evangelism. Their growing depository of free Christian literature, music and messages is the only one available in the region and provides discipleship and other materials for download to a rapidly growing young Church. This week we’re praying specifically for the Student’s in Media (SiM) project.

SUNDAY 18th April 

Please pray for security and God's protection to cover the SiM project. This project is very personal and involves a great deal of direct, one-to-one communication with people. While this is to be welcomed and encouraged, it also means there is a much higher risk of interference and scrutiny by the authorities.

MONDAY 19th April 

Pray for the students participating in the project as they develop the skills to become highly qualified media specialists. Ask God to inspire them and give them success in their studies. May their hearts be open to follow Jesus and serve Him through the creative use of media in future.

TUESDAY 20th April 

We thank God for the teachers and others involved in leading this pioneering media project. Please pray for good health, patience and inspiration as they break new ground with the gospel in a country where it is forbidden to speak openly about Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 21st April 

Please pray for the family of a student who came to faith in Christ recently. His mother has not been well, but through this recent adversity, we rejoice that his father has come to believe in Jesus. Please lift up this family and pray for healing and the chance for them to grow stronger together with Jesus at the heart of their family life.

THURSDAY 22nd April 

Praise God for this opportunity to establish a group of Christian leaders in the university through the SiM project. Ask God to watch over them and give discernment over whom they can trust, particularly in places where informers are rife and the persecution of Christians remains a constant threat.

FRIDAY 23rd April 

There is a huge amount of administration required by the university and other authorities overseeing the SiM project. Please pray for patience and accuracy for all those involved in completing the paperwork which has to be done within strict guidelines and tight deadlines.

SATURDAY 24th April  

Please pray for the preparations that are already underway for next year's SiM course. We thank God for all the new students who have registered for the course. Pray they would come with open hearts and minds to learn new skills and be a blessing to the university and the country at large in years to come.