Our partner in Central Asia runs several ministries including an online streaming service in a region that's hostile to evangelism. They are supporting the young, rapidly growing Church with an expanding library of Christian literature, music and messages. Listeners are from a predominantly Muslim background where conversion to Christianity can lead to rejection and social isolation. This week we will be praying for the project, which is designed to reach out to young people through online TV programming.

SUNDAY 22nd August

Please pray for the feedback and follow-up team who are on the frontline and playing a vital role in supporting the project and engaging with listeners. Ask God for patience and for the Holy Spirit to guide them when answering challenging questions. May God's love flow from them into every conversation whether online, on air or over the phone.

MONDAY 23rd August

Many young people in this region are longing to find meaning and purpose. As they hear the Truth being spoken through the Fonthill project, please pray their hearts will be opened to welcome Christ joyfully into their lives.

TUESDAY 24th August

Please pray for young people who contact the project seeking advice. Sometimes they are feeling lost, scared and have no idea how to handle all the different things happening in their lives. Please pray they will seek first God's kingdom (Matthew 6:33) and not fear or worry about what the future holds.

WEDNESDAY 25th August

Please remember the parents of the young people who contact the project in your prayers today. Many of the conversations between the feedback and follow-up team and young people are about their relationships with their parents. Please pray for patience and understanding between parents and their children. Pray for God's love to shine a light in these areas and encourage parents to provide a loving and nurturing environment to bring up their families across this region.

THURSDAY 26th August

Security is a constant concern for the Fonthill project. The project has to appear more 'secular' in the eyes of the authorities to remain uncensored and unblocked, so the team must be careful about talking openly of Jesus. Sadly, many people who visit the resource and talk online and over the phone are trying to investigate who is behind the project and uncover its real mission. Please pray for everyone involved in the project to be hidden from evil and kept safe from those intent on exposing and ultimately destroying this gospel ministry.

FRIDAY 27th August

We thank God for the article writers and content producers working for the project. Their work is so important for the project because their content is the main reason why people visit the resource. Please ask the Holy Spirit to impart fresh inspiration and creativity that will truly engage and connect with young people and have a positive impact on their prevailing culture. 

SATURDAY 28th August

Please pray for the IT team that oversees all the programming, coding, servers and hosting that make this unique project technically possible. Praise God for their skills, patience, and willingness to keep learning, testing and developing new technologies that not only improve the user experience but keeps the ministry safe and secure online.

SUNDAY 29th August

Please pray for people in this region to be more open to thinking and questioning rather than just following the crowd. As we lift up these people in prayer today, let's remember Jesus' words in Matthew 7:7: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you".

MONDAY 30th August

There are many ardent Muslims who often visit the resource. Please pray for their hearts to be more open to listen and engage in constructive dialogue and debate. Many live in fear of what their families would say if they became followers of Jesus. Pray they would come to know Jesus' perfect love that drives out fear (1 John 4:18).

TUESDAY 31st August

Please pray for the Feba UK team who are involved in resourcing, planning, and assisting the Fonthill project in many different ways. We thank God for the skills and experience that the team is able to share with our Christian brothers and sisters in an area that is particularly hard to reach with the Good News of Jesus.

Thank you for your invaluable prayer support for Feba’s ministry.