Our ministry partner in Central Asia runs several ministries including an online streaming service in an environment extremely hostile to evangelism. Their growing depository of free Christian literature, music and messages is the only one available in the region and provides discipleship and other materials for download to a rapidly growing young Church. Listeners are from a predominantly Muslim background where conversion to Christianity can lead to social isolation. This week we will be praying for one of the projects which is designed to reach out to young people.

FRIDAY 1st April

Praise God for the team and their skills, which are enabling the project to grow and reach out with the message of good news. Pray for them as they seek to minister in this particularly challenging and hostile environment. We give thanks to God for their faithfulness and courage in the face of opposition and the risks they take to make Jesus known in this place. Please pray that God will strengthen and encourage them as they find new ways to reach, meet and engage with listeners and believers in the region. (Romans 1:12)

SATURDAY 2nd April

Through our ministry partner and their online streaming service, listeners who are exploring or seeking to grow in their faith are offered a wealth of resources, from music to Christian literature unavailable anywhere else. Unfortunately, some of them face problems accessing the platform or finding the online content due to country-wide restrictions imposed on certain channels and those sharing Christian material. Please pray for young believers trying to connect with the team and the project, pray that no blocks or restrictions will stop them from receiving the gospel message and the truth of Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY 3rd April

Please pray for all those who listen and trust the online ministry provided by our partner in this challenging region. Every individual, without exception, needs the love of God deep down in their souls, and those they are trying to reach are no exception. May the Lord open the hearts and minds of all those who are listening, that they may know the love of God personally and be brought in right relationship with Him, restored and redeemed for His glory.

MONDAY 4th April

The team regularly need to be innovative, adapting to the situation and creating new broadcasts, resources, and ways to connect so that they can safely minister and effectively reach listeners across the region. Please pray for the staff team who work every day to ensure that the project can develop and grow. Ask that God will guide them as they explore new products on the market and find creative ways to disciple and teach in this closed context.

TUESDAY 5th April

Please pray that the life of every person who reads and shares the resources will be filled with God's light. Pray particularly for young people visiting the site, listening to the broadcasts, or engaging with the material. Ask that God will open their hearts to new information and enable them to encounter Jesus personally in these moments. Pray too for protection over them as they explore and ask questions, that God will make the way easy for them as they discover more of Him.


In a region that makes meeting and gathering as a church almost impossible, ask that God might bless the team, even as they undertake their work separately and hidden from those who would want to oppose them. Pray that despite restrictions and challenges, opposition, and isolation, that the church here will flourish and continue growing, that believers will be built up and many will turn to Jesus.

Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening where we will hear directly from our Feba partners in the Yemen ministry – where conflict continues, and many are also experiencing food shortages. For full details see www.feba.org.uk/prayermeeting

THURSDAY 7th April

Please pray for the team as they nurture and disciple new believers, especially those who may be experiencing isolation or rejection from their families or communities. Pray too for discernment and guidance: as the team walk in step with the Holy Spirit, ask that they will be strengthened and encouraged in their ministry, and wise in identifying possible threats or those seeking to stop the work that they are doing.

FRIDAY 8th April

The team has asked us to include a day in our prayers this week for all those without whom this project would not be possible. Give thanks to God for the many brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, and faithful partners in this ministry whose prayers and support are making this ministry possible in such a challenging and difficult region. Pray that these relationships will be deepened and strengthened over the coming months and years.

SATURDAY 9th April

Despite their own challenges, the team have asked us to pray for all those facing hardship and struggle around the world. Ask that God will bless our partners and give thanks for their hearts to serve and care for those near and far. Pray that God will continue to work through their ministry and the ministries of partners in some of the hardest to reach and most difficult contexts right now. (Proverbs 11:25)