A Feba UK partner in Central Asia has a network of FM stations and is committed to communicating life-changing information with a focus on family life, so that listeners can develop a positive and virtuous lifestyle. Listeners in this region are from a predominantly Muslim background, where Christians face persecution and often severe penalties for sharing their faith.

If your Prayer Focus notes are yet to arrive in the post, you can find the full month's materials available to download here.

WEDNESDAY 1st April 

As the coronavirus continues to spread at extraordinary speed across the world, please ask God to protect the team in Central Asia from any devastating effects of this virus. Pray that the vital information the team is broadcasting about Covid-19 in prime time slots twice a day will be heeded and acted on by all those who hear it.

THURSDAY 2nd April 

In light of increasing opposition to missionary work in Central Asia and new laws severely restricting spiritual activity, please pray for the team to be hidden and shielded from the authorities and all those who are determined to root out and persecute Christians for living in obedience to Christ and his teaching.

FRIDAY 3rd April

Please ask for God’s wisdom and inspiration for the feedback and follow-up team. With ever mounting prayer requests and questions arising from discussions and other interaction with listeners, the team needs an abundance of patience, wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit to answer people’s deepest needs and fears.

SATURDAY 4th April 

Pray for new believers who have non-Christian families with a strong Muslim background. Many are facing hostility and rejection from their families, society and even their spouses. Ask God to soften the hearts of family members so they too may come to know Jesus as the way, the truth and the life through the witness of new believers (John 14:6).

SUNDAY 5th April 

In these challenging and uncertain times, please pray that team members and the most active listeners will use periods of enforced isolation to grow spiritually through prayer and reading God’s word. May God work all things for good during these difficult times and draw us all closer to trusting and believing in the power of His mighty name.

MONDAY 6th April 

We thank God there are now so many fast and responsive ways the team in Central Asia can communicate with listeners. Please pray for wisdom in using social networks, messenger apps, emails, audio calls and other technology to reach more people with the good news of Jesus in a region where censorship and surveillance are ever present.

TUESDAY 7th April 

Please lift up those across Central Asia in prayer today. At this time of rapid change other FEBC broadcasters have seen record listenership and many more turning to them for discipleship support. We pray that during this time of coronavirus that the population of Central Asia will stay safe and turn to the hope that is only found in You.

WEDNESDAY 8th April 

Please pray for the small, dedicated group of people with disabilities who regularly get together to listen to Feba’s broadcasts in Central Asia. Members of the group enjoy taking part in all the discussions and always ask great questions. Praise God for their limitless optimism and strong faith. May they know His peace and healing in the midst of their physical struggles.

THURSDAY 9th April 

In many church calendars, today we remember when Jesus gathered with his disciples to eat a meal for the last time. Please pray that Feba’s partner broadcaster in Central Asia may continue to adapt to the coronavirus outbreak, continue to provide factual public health messages and shine the light of Jesus during these dark times.

FRIDAY 10th April

On this Good Friday, please pray for a key Feba representative based in Central Asia. Ask God to protect this man’s security and health as his life is constantly under threat. Also, please remember his volunteer helpers who risk their lives to support him in many varied and important ways.

SATURDAY 11th April 

On Easter Saturday, we lift up the countries in Central Asia where even owning a Bible is a punishable offence. May the good news of Easter penetrate across this region causing many to turn from persecuting Christians to following Christ.