For almost 10 years, the FEBC Cambodia team has been reaching many more people through their Family FM radio broadcasts. With only 0.5% of Cambodians professing the Christian faith, new social media initiatives are making it possible to reach greater numbers of young people. Today, a 500-watt relay station in Kampong Thom Province reaches provinces that were previously unreachable. Teams also provide radios to those living in the most remote areas. Where roads are scarce in Cambodia’s borderlands, the gospel is scarcer, but radio is connecting families and communities so they too can hear the Good News of Jesus for the first time.

SUNDAY 12th September

Praise God for Pastor Em, a former Buddhist monk, who came to Christ through listening to broadcasts on Family FM. On a recent trip to hand out radios with a team from Family FM, Pastor Em shared his testimony and interpreted for local people in their own language. Please pray for Pastor Em and the team at Family FM who are proclaiming the Good News and showing the power of speaking God's Word simply and clearly over the airwaves.

MONDAY 13th September

Pray for the young people engaging with Family FM through social media, that they may discover more of who Jesus is and how He is 'the way and the truth and the life' (John 14:6). Ask the Holy Spirit to help them discern the truth about God, particularly as they are growing up at a time when life can feel very confusing with many different faiths and paths to follow.

TUESDAY 14th September

As the rainy season comes to an end this month, the spread of COVID-19 is increasing. By God’s grace, Family FM continues to bring Voice of Hope to new audiences, with many new inspiring programmes drawing on the Word of God on both FM and social media. Please pray that many more will hear the Good News through these channels and find hope and healing in these challenging times (Jeremiah 17:14).  

WEDNESDAY 15th September

Today we lift up Family FM listeners and FEBC Cambodia's ministry partners. We declare, ‘How great is our God’! We praise the Lord for the wonderful testimonies, including a young blind man who has found living hope in Jesus and continues to grow in his faith through Family FM broadcasts. Pray that this young man will continue to be guided by God's active and living Word (Hebrews 4:12).

THURSDAY 16th September

In the borderlands of Cambodia, one radio can reach up to 25 people with the Gospel. This is because rural communities are close-knit, gathering together in the evenings after a long day of work to socialise and listen to the radio. With few local churches, listening to a radio broadcast is one of the only ways people in these regions can hear and learn about the Gospel. Praise the Lord for opening these doors. Please pray for this ministry to continue and expand among the ethnic peoples of Cambodia.

FRIDAY 17th September

Please pray for those who recently participated in a workshop for husbands and wives titled, ‘Understanding Feelings’. We thank God for their openness and willingness to attend. May all those took part see their family relationships transformed through the love and power of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2)

SATURDAY 18th September

Despite the restrictions and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we praise God that 900 radios have been distributed, as well as Gospel Speaker Boxes with SD-cards to enable people to engage and listen to Family FM is some of the hardest to reach areas in Cambodia. Please pray for 20 CCBI students in Pich Nil who have not been able to gather together recently. FEBC Cambodia has been privileged to play a key role in helping them to study their Bibles independently and grow in their understanding of scripture.