The Central Asian People Group project is a partnership of ministries supported by Feba UK. It focuses on bringing the Good News of Jesus to highly volatile regions through 45-minute broadcasts. With the help of its follow up team, the project is bringing hope to many experiencing fear and anxiety in uncertain times. Despite the risk of persecution for sharing the Christian faith, we praise God that many listening are making contact with our partners every day, to find out more about the gospel and how it can impact their lives.

FRIDAY 1st October

Following the changes in the region over the past few weeks, please pray for our partners as they travel along difficult and dangerous roads. Recently we heard of an incident involving team members as they journeyed by car for a period of retreat. Although the car was badly damaged, we give thanks that all the team are safe; please pray that they may recover quickly.

SATURDAY 2nd October

Lift up all those experiencing a sense of hopelessness in these volatile regions, as they face growing challenges and anxiety. The team are hearing from listeners who share that they are fearful about what the future holds for them and their families. Pray that God’s peace will bring comfort to those listening and that our partner’s message of hope will reach even greater numbers over the weeks to come.

SUNDAY 3rd October

Please ask God to inspire the programming team as they seek to provide messages of hope based on God’s word. Their heart is to provide content that speaks to the listeners where they are right now. Pray that the team may be encouraged as they share God’s truth knowing that His word will not return empty. (Isaiah 55:11).

MONDAY 4th October

From the end of October, the team will be creating an extra 45 minutes of broadcasting on shortwave radio. The team hope that these additional minutes will connect them with a new audience from the same tribal group living in a region not currently reached by medium wave. Please pray as these new listeners respond to the broadcasts and pray for the conversations that will follow with the team.

TUESDAY 5th October

With the situation continually changing and the risks increasing for the team as they share the Christian faith, please pray for protection over them and the programmes that are broadcast. Pray as the broadcasts are received into the homes of believers and those exploring the gospel for the first time that they might grow stronger in the faith.

WEDNESDAY 6th October

Please pray for wisdom, boldness and compassion as the team respond to listeners, many of whom are asking hard questions, such as ‘where is God in all of this?’ May the Holy Spirit strengthen and enable them to respond and offer hope in this time of darkness.

Please join us at our online prayer meeting this evening where our Head of International Ministry will be sharing an update on the ministry with a nomadic people group – for full details see

THURSDAY 7th October

The team are aware that there are many listeners who are unable to call in and are not safe to ask for support from the follow up team. Please pray for listeners who are seeking God on their own and without support, may they be encouraged by the broadcasts as they learn and discover more about the Christian faith.

FRIDAY 8th October

Listener numbers are expected to grow as other forms of media previously available are restricted or fall under stricter controls. The team are aware that they are uniquely placed to provide a message of hope to all those listening, new and old. Ask God to help and guide them as they plan and prepare their broadcasts over the coming months.

SATURDAY 9th October

Please pray for the three follow up workers who are handling many of the difficult calls which can be emotionally challenging for them. Ask God to give them resilience, patience and times of rest that they may be renewed in this important work.